Monday, 14 January 2013

Snow and Arab Thuggery in Jerusalem...

I've not been posting for the past week. The snow (a lot for Jerusalem) caused havoc. Israel in general just does not know how to cope with snow and on the odd time it shows up~everything shuts down. Lack of transportation has kept me away from the internet. I did keep myself busy patching leaks~but that's another story!

The below video was taken a few days back but I wanted to make some comments. This looks like it is just outside the Damascus Gate entrance to the Old City. Many Jews living in Maalot Dafna and Mea Shearim use this route daily. They walk to the Kotel, pray and go home. These young lads look to be on their way home.

Apart from the fact that this was an attack stemming from cruelty, and hatered, there are a few things you should take note of...

1]  There is lots of traffic~in that area it is majority Arab~so no help for Jews
2]  The two boys are grossly outnumbered and incapable of defending themselves
3]  The Arabs attacking know that the religious Jews do not fight back
4)  Most Important of All~
This is the Arab way. They wait until they have overwhelming odds then they attack those they think can't defend themselves. Had more Jews shown up to fight back, the Arabs would run (while screaming that Jews were attacking them!)

These Arabs live in Israel, receive more rights than in any Arab country, yet they hate and attack Jews. Why? Because from birth they are lied to and taught to HATE~it is in their quran, their charters, it is screamed from their mosques and TV programs. In a nutshell, until the western world demands that the lies and hate being force-fed these kids is stopped, it will continue to grow~as it is doing so now. 

By claiming to be "pro-palestinian" you are contributing to this madness. You are a part of the lies, the deceit and the re-working of history. You are a willing part of the attempted genocide of the Jewish people as sure as if you joined Hitler's SS. If this falshood succeeds here, You~the politically correct of the west~will be next. Wake up and look around to what is happening in every free country in the world~It is not Love and Peace People~just as this is not a kid's snowball fight!

Arabs Gang up on Jews Returning from the Kotel

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