Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Obama's Buddy Morsi: Jews are Apes and Pigs

Common Sense Asks: How Stupid Can You Be, Dammit?
 Obama Gives 200 Abrams Tanks and 20 F-16's to Morsi (Plus 200 APC's to Hezbollah)

This type of hate directed at Jews is typical of Muslim rhetoric (straight from the mouths of pigs, in Morsi's case). Since taking over Egypt~the formerly banned Muslim Brotherhood~via their head honcho (Mr. Jews are Apes and Pigs Morsi); is transforming the country into (yet another)  dysfunctional Islamic state. Their goal is now (and has always been) to destroy Israel. One only has to listen to Morsi when he is being interviewed or makes a speech~in Arabic (sounds a lot like I'ma Dinnerjacket). 

Obama helped bring the Muslim Brotherhood to power, he has allowed the MB to infiltrate the highest seats of power, now he openly funds and supports their military, while Americans are sinking into a financial black hole. And to keep Hezbollah from having hurt feelings he is sending them some Armored Personnel Carriers to play with. All this giving from the pResident who says that Israel Doesn't Know What It's Best Interests Are...which has got to be one of the most gob smackingly stoopid things obummer has ever said.

While obummer is funding jihadis, his knickers are in a twist because Israel plans to build some desperately needed apartments for their citizens. Even though the chances of the plans being signed off in the next four years are next to none (you have to live here to understand), that doesn't stop obummer, or the UN Moonbat (Ban) or the morally bankrupt EU from declaring that "Jews planning to build homes in Israel are a threat to world peace"~Who Knew?.

What kind of moron supports Obama, or the UN or the EU?!?  Just Asking...

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