Monday, 21 January 2013

Never Again~A Reminder~It's Beginnning Again In 2013!

I had posted the video last week, but this version (which clearly highlights the thuggery) is much better. It's a reminder that before the Nazi's started slaughtering Jews, they used humiliation and fear.

A friend forwarded the film along with a copy of a letter that was sent to PM Benjamin Netanyahu. May I suggest that anyone who is concerned about keeping Israel Jewish, send a copy of this letter (or one with your own wording) to PM Netanyahu at   Let him know that he can't get away with a double standard that discriminates against Jews~we won't take it anymore!
     Sent:  Saturday, January 19, 2013 11:40 PM
Subject:   Video: Incident in Jerusalem Which (For Me) Was Painful to View

Dear Prime Minister,
How about a comment on this video taken just a few days ago in our own city?

Where were the Israeli Police?~Too busy pursuing Nationalist Jews to bother about Arab attacks on innocent Jews in Jerusalem!

Just like in Kever Rachel in Beit Lechem where despite pipe bombs etc., attacks in the last few days the IDF have orders not to take action but sit there passively~Why? Whose policy is this? Barak, Netanyhau, Gantz....????

Sadly, people in this country have not clued in to the fact that "Bibi" is more interested in getting elected again and international praise. Likud is not what people think it is, and I fear that we are headed for disaster, unless we break the strangle hold they have on the country.

For all citizens who are voting in these elections~Do Not Vote Likud~They are not for Israel! If you want a strong Israel that will survive in the future, vote Otzma LeIsrael!! Follow the link and see their platform. What is in the below video (Bibi's Jerusalem) is Not what Israel needs...

This is How it Began in Nazi Germany...Now It is Beginning In Israel???

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