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Bravery Fiercer than Death: 35 Heroes of Gush Etzion

Sixty-five years ago, on 15 January 1948, Israel was fighting for her existence. South of the city of Jerusalem, the kibbutzim were surrounded, grossly out numbered and running out of supplies.

In an attempt to bring much needed supplies to the besieged Etzion Block (known as the southern gateway to Jerusalem), thirty-five young Haganah soldiers (most of them students at the Hebrew University) set out at night, laden with packs of ammunition and supplies. The soldiers were spotted, and ambushed. They battled valiantly for hours, but in the end, the entire company was was slaughtered and horrifically mutilated by the Arab attackers.

The bodies were buried in Kfar Etzion two days after the battle. Twelve of the men were so badly mutilated they could not be identified. Rabbi Aryeh Levine, considered to be the Tzaddik of our time, was given the task of performing a goral haGra (haGra is the Vilna Hagaon), an ancient form of lottery which only a few individuals in every generation are capable of performing. Before the lottery begins, various prayers and psalms are recited. The person who performs the lottery states what he wants to know. 
Through a process of randomly opening up Tanach (the book containing the Five Books of Moses, Prophets and Writings) and paging through the Tanach, the person opens to a sentence which gives a hint as to the answer to his question. For example, when Rav Aryeh Levin wanted to identify which grave held the remains of Binyamin Bogulevsky, he opened the Tanach to the words "u'mateh Binyamin b'goral" (...and the tribe of Benjamin by lottery...Joshua 21:4). The grave of Eliyahu Hershkowitz was revealed through the words "va'yikach Eliyahu et ha'yeled" (...and Elijah took the child...Kings 1, 17:23). This was done for all of the unknown, and it was said that the families all agreed that the rav had identified them correctly.
Four months following the tremendous loss of the Lamed Hei, the State of Israel was declared. In August 1949 a group of former Palmach soldiers founded a kibbutz, Netiv Ha'Lamed Hei (path of the 35) near the route of the Lamed Hei. On the 10th of the Hebrew month of Mar Cheshvon, 02 November 1949, the remains of the Lamed Hei were re-interred in the military cemetery on Har Herzl in Jerusalem.

There are now more than twenty Jewish settlements spread out all over Gush Etzion with a population of more than 20,000 Jews. The prophetic words "v'shavu banim l'gevulam," (and the children will return to their borders) have become a reality.

Toldot Yisrael  tells the tragic yet inspiring story of these Haganah soldiers who gave their lives in 1948, and became known at the Lamed Hei (the Thirty Five)

I don't know if there was any company in the Israel Defense Forces or in any army in the world that assembled such splendid manpower, pure bravery, and spiritual abundance as this company, who will forever be known by our people as the "Lamed Hei" (the thirty-five)...These lions of Israel were a mix of youthful spirit and glory, superior wisdom...and bravery fiercer than death...David Ben Gurion

The Lamed Hei (The Thirty-Five)...

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The Lubavitcher Rebbe on Tu B'Shevat

I decided to Bump this post~who better than the Rebbe to explain "Why?"

On the 15th of Shevat (26 January 2013), we celebrate Tu B'Shevat, the New Year for Trees.

Why do we celebrate in the middle of the winter? While he sap may be starting to flow, the fruit itself is nowhere to be seen.

According to the Lubavitcher Rebbe, by enjoying fruit on Tu B'Shevat, we are celebrating the potential within the tree. In doing this we commit ourselves to bring out this potential by nurturing the tree through the spring and summer, until its fruit is finally ready. 

The Rebbe compares a human being to the tree. He taught that we must recognize the wonderful potential within every person and every event, and we must commit ourselves to bringing that potential out.

The Rebbe explains in his own words (Yiddish with English Sub-Titles)... 

Recorded on 15 Shvat 5741~20 January1981

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Jew Haters~Do Not Watch This Film...

On 15 January 2013 a debate held at the Royal Geographic Society. The Subject: Israel is Destroying Itself With It's Settlement Policy.

As expected it was rife with bias and "mis-Information". The first blow (against) Israel came in the form of maps that supposedly "Proved All of Israel" had belonged to the "palestinians"...until the Jews came along. 

Although these maps have long ago been shown to be the opposite of the truth~like the blood libels, and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, they are a great tool for the anti-Israel camp who refuse to stop using them. It was interesting that not one person thought to challenge the fact that the maps were a misrepresentation. Not only are they a blatant lie, but a lie that is now touted as "Absolute Truth", despite the fact that there was not even a "Palestinan People" until Yasser Arafat came from Egypt in 1967 to create them. Prior to that, Arabs living in Israel refused to be called "Palestinians". Remember, it was called British Mandated Palestine~which also included Trans-Jordan, now named Jordan, which coincidentally was Not on the maps, but I digress...

Caroline Glick was asked to speak (against) the motion and she did so brilliantly. She laid out the facts and the audience listened. Perhaps they were dumbstruck that a Jew could actually stand up and challenge lies, bias and bigotry. 

Not surprisingly the lies, bias, bigotry and yes, even anti-semitic prejudice, ruled the day. What I do find surprising is that people consistently have such closed minds that they are not even interested in the facts. They have swallowed the lie, hook~line~and sinker.

 If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it,

people will eventually come to believe it...Joseph Goebbels

The Truth Hurts~Caroline Glick is Amazing!

* Thanks to Tundra Tabloids

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Better Than Snow Tires!

When looking for unique things pertaining to Israel, I often turn to the site Israel 21c. They follow the local scene for interesting developments and inventions by Israelis to give an insight into what is happening around the country.

This latest report is interesting to those of us who have tackled snow, ice or muck. Created by retired mechanical engineer, Israel Zahavi, the Power Wheel is a removable disc that is fitted to a permanently installed adapter inside the wheel hub of your vehicle. 

Inside the disc there are twenty metal bars (steel-tipped for off-road vehicles and rubber-tipped for cars to protect asphalt). The bars can be manually or automatically telescoped out beyond the circumference of the tire to raise the vehicle slightly and grip the road. Once you have cleared the bad stretch, the bars can be retracted back into the disc. 

A permanent adapter is installed in the wheel hub. Power Wheel can be attached to the adapter before leaving on a trip or, the discs can be kept in the trunk to be used when one encounters slippery or other traction-challenging conditions.

* Read more at Israel 21c

Jerusalem's Heaviest Snowfall in Two Decades!

Everything Closes Down~But Nobody Stays Home!

Hamas in Judea & Samaria~Why There Will Be No Peace!

Jews Live With This Hatred Every Day~And The World Expects Us to Negotiate?!

*Note* Israel's Channel 2 recently conducted a program on Hamas in the West Bank. Here is the report with English subtitles.

* Make sure you turn cc on (at bottom of video) to view sub-titles
* The original report can be found HERE:
* The translation was done by Jayne S. 

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Never Again~A Reminder~It's Beginnning Again In 2013!

I had posted the video last week, but this version (which clearly highlights the thuggery) is much better. It's a reminder that before the Nazi's started slaughtering Jews, they used humiliation and fear.

A friend forwarded the film along with a copy of a letter that was sent to PM Benjamin Netanyahu. May I suggest that anyone who is concerned about keeping Israel Jewish, send a copy of this letter (or one with your own wording) to PM Netanyahu at   Let him know that he can't get away with a double standard that discriminates against Jews~we won't take it anymore!
     Sent:  Saturday, January 19, 2013 11:40 PM
Subject:   Video: Incident in Jerusalem Which (For Me) Was Painful to View

Dear Prime Minister,
How about a comment on this video taken just a few days ago in our own city?

Where were the Israeli Police?~Too busy pursuing Nationalist Jews to bother about Arab attacks on innocent Jews in Jerusalem!

Just like in Kever Rachel in Beit Lechem where despite pipe bombs etc., attacks in the last few days the IDF have orders not to take action but sit there passively~Why? Whose policy is this? Barak, Netanyhau, Gantz....????

Sadly, people in this country have not clued in to the fact that "Bibi" is more interested in getting elected again and international praise. Likud is not what people think it is, and I fear that we are headed for disaster, unless we break the strangle hold they have on the country.

For all citizens who are voting in these elections~Do Not Vote Likud~They are not for Israel! If you want a strong Israel that will survive in the future, vote Otzma LeIsrael!! Follow the link and see their platform. What is in the below video (Bibi's Jerusalem) is Not what Israel needs...

This is How it Began in Nazi Germany...Now It is Beginning In Israel???

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Muslim Jihadis on Welfare in the West...Believe It!

Thanks to the UN, the EU and Self-Serving Politicians...It Will Only Get Worse!

* Hat Tip to Bare Naked Islam Blog 

Similar demonstrations are taking place in every free country in the world~with the majority of protesters collecting welfare from the very countries they are trying to destroy! You should know that the black and white flags are the flags of Jihad~not the introspective self-improvement crap that Muslims try to sell you, but flags of war.

At 0:49 you can hear them shouting Khayber, Khayber ya Yahud...this is a war cry used by Muslims to tell the Jews that Muhammads army is coming to massacre them.

* Note* Khaybar, was an oasis near Medina inhabited mainly by Jews in the 7th century. In the year 628, Muhammad led the Muslims against it, defeating the Jews in battle and subjugating the survivors, who would later be expelled from Arabia. The chant implies that history will repeat itself. (Source:  Counter Terrorism Blog)

Muslims still use this chant to try to scare the Jews. When the Mavi Mamara, in the first flotilla was preparing to leave port in Turkey they were screaming this over and over as seen in the video below from ( PMW (Palestinian Media Watch ).

Friday, 18 January 2013

About The UN~There is Truth in Humour!

So Why Are We Pumping Billions Into This Black Hole??

PR for Hezbollah~

I'm trying to filter out a lot of old files and came across this item.

Many people don't know much about Lebanon other than it is the home of Hezbollah and the braying jackass Hassan Nasrallah

The two parts below were filmed when Ryan Duffy of Vice News decided to visit this once popular tourist site. It is an interesting view into some of the goings on in Lebanon. In the opening scenes, Duffy states:

...It is hard to believe that Lebanon is the home of Hezbollah. Hezbollah, aka the Party of God, is an Iranian funded, Shiite Muslim militia that is armed to the teeth~again that's Iran, Muslim militia, big guns~that's not good...

Part 1~PR for Hezbollah

Part 2~PR for Hezbollah

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Egypt's Mohamed Morsi~We Must Nurse Our Children and Grandchildren on Hatred of Jews~Taken Out of Context?!?

Egypt's Mohamed Morsi is being touted as a "moderate" member of the "religion of peace pieces"

He (Morsi)  claims that those who say he is anti-semitic and/or anti-Israel are mis-quoting him and taking his words out of context.

Thankfully, MEMRITV (The Middle East Media Research Institute) monitors the media in Muslim countries to translate from Arabic what is "really" being said because the main stream media have swallowed the Kool-aide. Following are excerpts from an address delivered by Mohamed Morsi, which was posted on the Internet on January 10, 2010~Taken out of context of course!.

Mohamed Morsi:
One American president after another~and most recently, that Obama~talks about American guarantees for the safety of the Zionists in Palestine. [Obama] was very clear when he uttered his empty words on the land of Egypt. He uttered many lies, of which he couldn’t have fulfilled a single word, even if he were sincere~which he is not. (Note: this was before odumbo sent tanks, F16s and ammunition  to Morsi)

[...] Dear brothers, we must not forget to nurse our children and grandchildren on hatred towards those Zionists and Jews, and all those who support them. They must be nursed on hatred. The hatred must continue.

 Mohamed Morsi~In His Own Words,,,hhmmmmm

* Thanks to  MEMRITV (The Middle East Media Research Institute) 
 * Do Visit them and Support them in their Work  !

Defending Israel in Europe in the 21st Century.

Douglas Murray (associate director of the Henry Jackson Society) and Michael Coren

Egyptian TV Calls Out Morsi for Telling a Lie!! (Shame)

Al-Nahar TV~Egypt...So, Apparently Morsi Never Worked for NASA
Wait For It~~Egyptian TV Guy is Jailed Vanishes in 4...3...2...1...

* Hat Tip to MEMRI~Do Visit Their Site and Support Their Work

How Babies are Born...Who Knew?

There are Days When I Just Want to Smile~Enjoy !

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Obama's Buddy Morsi: Jews are Apes and Pigs

Common Sense Asks: How Stupid Can You Be, Dammit?
 Obama Gives 200 Abrams Tanks and 20 F-16's to Morsi (Plus 200 APC's to Hezbollah)

This type of hate directed at Jews is typical of Muslim rhetoric (straight from the mouths of pigs, in Morsi's case). Since taking over Egypt~the formerly banned Muslim Brotherhood~via their head honcho (Mr. Jews are Apes and Pigs Morsi); is transforming the country into (yet another)  dysfunctional Islamic state. Their goal is now (and has always been) to destroy Israel. One only has to listen to Morsi when he is being interviewed or makes a speech~in Arabic (sounds a lot like I'ma Dinnerjacket). 

Obama helped bring the Muslim Brotherhood to power, he has allowed the MB to infiltrate the highest seats of power, now he openly funds and supports their military, while Americans are sinking into a financial black hole. And to keep Hezbollah from having hurt feelings he is sending them some Armored Personnel Carriers to play with. All this giving from the pResident who says that Israel Doesn't Know What It's Best Interests Are...which has got to be one of the most gob smackingly stoopid things obummer has ever said.

While obummer is funding jihadis, his knickers are in a twist because Israel plans to build some desperately needed apartments for their citizens. Even though the chances of the plans being signed off in the next four years are next to none (you have to live here to understand), that doesn't stop obummer, or the UN Moonbat (Ban) or the morally bankrupt EU from declaring that "Jews planning to build homes in Israel are a threat to world peace"~Who Knew?.

What kind of moron supports Obama, or the UN or the EU?!?  Just Asking...

A Flash From the Past~Charlton (Moses) Heston

...From My Cold, Dead, Hands
Note to Obummer Remember, Moses Parted the Red Sea...

 * Thanks to Weasel Zippers for posting this...

A Bit of Comedy from Israel

Before Anyone Gets Offended~Watch to The End...

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The Best "How Dare You" of the Year?

The "How Dare You" Starts at 2:17~Way to Go Judge Jeanine Piro!

Pallywood Strikes Again!

Note: At 1:45~Boy Does NOT Want to Go Into Car~Is He Afraid He'll End Up Dead?

* Thanks to Shearim for Posting This!

Snow and Arab Thuggery in Jerusalem...

I've not been posting for the past week. The snow (a lot for Jerusalem) caused havoc. Israel in general just does not know how to cope with snow and on the odd time it shows up~everything shuts down. Lack of transportation has kept me away from the internet. I did keep myself busy patching leaks~but that's another story!

The below video was taken a few days back but I wanted to make some comments. This looks like it is just outside the Damascus Gate entrance to the Old City. Many Jews living in Maalot Dafna and Mea Shearim use this route daily. They walk to the Kotel, pray and go home. These young lads look to be on their way home.

Apart from the fact that this was an attack stemming from cruelty, and hatered, there are a few things you should take note of...

1]  There is lots of traffic~in that area it is majority Arab~so no help for Jews
2]  The two boys are grossly outnumbered and incapable of defending themselves
3]  The Arabs attacking know that the religious Jews do not fight back
4)  Most Important of All~
This is the Arab way. They wait until they have overwhelming odds then they attack those they think can't defend themselves. Had more Jews shown up to fight back, the Arabs would run (while screaming that Jews were attacking them!)

These Arabs live in Israel, receive more rights than in any Arab country, yet they hate and attack Jews. Why? Because from birth they are lied to and taught to HATE~it is in their quran, their charters, it is screamed from their mosques and TV programs. In a nutshell, until the western world demands that the lies and hate being force-fed these kids is stopped, it will continue to grow~as it is doing so now. 

By claiming to be "pro-palestinian" you are contributing to this madness. You are a part of the lies, the deceit and the re-working of history. You are a willing part of the attempted genocide of the Jewish people as sure as if you joined Hitler's SS. If this falshood succeeds here, You~the politically correct of the west~will be next. Wake up and look around to what is happening in every free country in the world~It is not Love and Peace People~just as this is not a kid's snowball fight!

Arabs Gang up on Jews Returning from the Kotel

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

A Look Back on 2012 and The IDF

May Hashem Bless & Protect the Young People of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF)

* Hat Tip to Shearim Blog (Now on WordPress)

Starting 2013 With a New Mossad Agent

First, I want to send greetings to all who celebrated New Year, or Sylvester. May the coming year bring you peace, health and happiness,

What better way to step into the New Year than to be reminded of the silliness that permeates this world.

I found this picture on Israel Matzav is too good not to share.

The picture accompanied a post about "peppers" of all things! Apparently a store in South Lebanon discovered that bags of the produce contained Green peppers from Spain and Yellow peppers from (gasp!) Israel. Of course, the Lebanese army was called in~perhaps to "blow them up". 

Matzav hints that he has a good idea how the produce was smuggled across the border~and exposed Agent R65 (picture above)...

Seriously, you just can't make these things up!  I can't wait to see what (Joo hating) insanity they come up with next~I am sure it won't take long...

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