Wednesday, 19 December 2012

The Leon Levy Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Library

The Dead Sea Scrolls are a constant source of interest. About a year ago I posted about Israel putting the Dead Sea Scrolls online. At the time there were five major scrolls available on the site Digital Dead Sea Scrolls.

The development of new technology means the secrets of the scrolls are gradually being unraveled. Now with the use of Spectral Imaging, one is actually able to "see inside" the parchments. With the support of the Leon Levy Foundation and the Arcadia Fund, the Israel Antiquities Authority and Google have developed the most advanced imaging and web technologies to make available hundreds of Dead Sea Scrolls images as well as specially developed supporting resources online. The images and information are in a user-friendly platform for the public, students and scholars.

You can learn about the scrolls, their history and discovery and view the fragile parchments on line. The Scrolls available include Genesis, the Ten Commandments, Psalms, PaleoLeviticus, Tefillin, the Minor Prophets, Community Rule, Enoch, the Apocryphon of Daniel, the Book of War, and Legal Papyrus.

I encourage everyone to visit the site, examine the fragments~zoom in for details and gaze at the oldest known biblical documents in the world...simply amazing! 

* Original Story from Arutz 7

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