Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Pillar of Defense~The Raw Facts

Regardless of your opinions or feelings about the situation in the Middle East, you should arm yourself with truth and facts. 

The video below provides one of the best~and easiest to understand~summaries I have seen. The report was prepared by Nevet Basker. Her website Broader View is dedicated to going "beyond the headlines" regarding a number of topics on the Middle East from Refugees to Settlements with information gathered from a wide array of resources. 

I have not read the entire site, but so far it appears to shy away from sensationalism to provide a sensible view of what is actually taking place. This is from the website...
The Broader View Resource Center is designed to be used by students, educators, activists, researchers, and anybody else who wants to go beyond the media headlines and sound bites. It provides background and context on key aspects of the conflict, history, and events in the news.  A lot of important information and relevant context are lost in the noise; this is an attempt to complete the picture, to zoom out on the issues, without overwhelming the reader or casual student with details.  It attempts to be factual and objective, relying on (and, whenever possible, providing) primary source materials for the most accurate information.

* Thanks to Tundra Tabloids blog for posting the video

This Video is A "Must See" for Everyone Who Values Truth!

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