Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Matisyahu Sings For Hurricane Sandy Victims...

I have posted about Matisyahu in the past (See links below the video if you are interested). This is a new song just in time for Chanukah. (Yes, I know~there is more than one way to spell it!)

More than the new song, All of the Proceeds from "Happy Hanukkah" will be donated to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy. This is a great opportunity to do something good and pick up a great song at the same time. Remember, ALL of the proceeds from your music purchase will go to the victims~and they truly need help! For more information (and to donate) go to:

While you are there you can also purchase the T-shirt (above), listen to more of Matisyahu's music, and find out where he is performing~just scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click on ENTERMATISYAHUWORLD.COM for videos, pictures and concert information...
UPDATED! Here is the Official Video...Enjoy!

For More Matisyahu Follow These Links...

~ This link has several Chanukkah songs including Matisyahu

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