Sunday, 18 November 2012

Part 4~An Inside Look At Islam's Takeover of Europe

In this final (4th) segment on Islam's Takeover in Europe, Zvi Yehezkeli, an Arab affairs news correspondent for Israel´s Channel 10 TV, speaks with Jews living in cities across Europe.

To film this shocking 4-Part series on Islam's Takeover of Europe, Yehezkeli placed himself in very dangerous situations. It is clear that if those he spoke to knew he was a Jew, his very life would be at stake. More than that, since the documentary has aired, he is now known in the Muslim world for his ability to infiltrate.
A look into the Jewish communities reveals the majority live in fear~of being Jews. The hatred that is spewing from all corners of Europe and directed towards Jews is something that is almost unbelievable~Yet, Here It Is~on film, in their own words. 

The situation in Europe has reached the point where one must wonder if it can ever be turned around. There are those who say that it is too late...The Muslim community have abused freedom and democracy while implementing fear and aggression to impose anti-semitism every place they go.

The fact that the rhetoric they are spouting consists of lies means nothing. Those who hate do not want to hear the truth. Even the police hesitate to defend Jews. Not since Nazi Germany has such evil risen up.

Links to the first three segments are below this video. I urge everyone to watch this final of four segments "carefully". This is what happens when "good people do nothing".

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