Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Who is the "Real" Barack Hussein Obama?

The important point to remember is what BHO is saying. The early speech appears to have been made in June 2007 to an audience of black ministers, (including the Rev. Jeremiah Wright) at Hampton University in Virginia. Notice in that clip, he has a decidedly pronounced accent that supposedly resonates with his audience. Fast forward to the later speech, when he is back-tracking (and kicking his "mentor" to the curb), there is no "cultural accent" as he becomes "polished" and of course, "politically correct".

The exclusive video and story is  HERE. You can also view it below (2nd clip). It provides more of that speech, where, among other things, he states:

Unlike residents of majority-black New Orleans, the federal government considers those victims “part of the American family.” ("those victims" refers to victims of 9/11 & Hurricane Andrew...ed.)

I know~All Politicians say things to gather votes, but, to anyone who bothers to look or listen, the current pResident, both then, and now, is creating a divide between Americans. I am no fan of Romney, but Obama and his policies have created divisions in America which are becoming dangerous to the nation as a whole.

This is only a small example~if the media would start being honest, and if people would actually look for and examine the facts, there is still be time to save America from the destruction that will be if BHO is voted in for another four years...

What a Difference a Few Years Makes!

Listen Carefully and Think...

* Thanks to Weasel Zippers and The Daily Caller

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