Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Town Hall Debate: Mitt Romney & Barack Obama

You can watch the full town hall debate between Mitt Romney and Barack Hussein Obama below. Watch the body language, and listen carefully. Obama's answers tell me he has never had to struggle, or  work at a "real job". Remember that all his "green" investments have gone belly up.

Note that CNN moderator, Crawley, allowed Obama to speak for 44:04 and Romney for 40:50. A full 10% more for Obama! (Source: Weasel Zippers) She continually cut Mitt Romney off while fawning over Obama, who sat sneering in the background. Between Crawley and Obama I felt nauseous for most of the debate.

Again I say, I am NOT a Romney fan, yet, I would give the night to Romney. Obama has had four years, and in that time America has not only been weakened by a debt that is unthinkable, it has been lowered in the eyes of the world as a first class power, and the radicals in the Middle East are laughing their heads off. If he gets another four years America will be relegated to third world status.

When you have the likes of the Taliban and Hugo Chavez saying they would vote for Obama I think that pretty much says it all...

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