Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Matisyahu in New Movie: The Possession

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Lionsgate
The film was released at the end of August. If you are expecting a story about rap or music of any kind, you are not even going to be close! 

This is a thriller / horror and after watching the trailer (below) I don't think I will watch the movie, even though I am a huge Matisyahu fan. 

According to the Web Site, a young girl finds a "dybbuk box" at a garage sale. Naturally the girl becomes the victim of the released spirit. A rabbi's son, Tzadok, (played by Matisyahu) attempts to exorcise the dybbuk (evil spirit) from the young girl. The second clip below is a brief documentary on dybbuk stories.

There are many stories and tales of the dybbuk, and I am sure that in true Hollywood style, this movie will bring many of them to life. I have a friend who likes this type of movie, so maybe, just maybe I will end up seeing it in Israel!

The Possession~with Matisyahu

Documentary Feature About the Movie: The Possession

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