Monday, 22 October 2012

Hitler's Secret Archives

A long-secret German archive, housing intricate details on 17.5 million victims of the Holocaust was uncovered in the German town of Bad Arolsen. The Bad Arolsen Holocaust Archive is a massive sixteen miles of shelving containing fifty million pages of documents! Kept "off-limits" to the public, the German government finally agreed to make the records available. Known as ITS (international Tracing Service) there is now a website at this LINK.

In 2007, CBS Newsman Scott Pelley traveled to Bad Arolsen with three Jewish Holocaust survivors and spoke with them as they viewed their own Holocaust records.

With the growing cult of Holocaust deniers in Iran and around the world, accompanied by the denial speeches in the UN, this film is proof of the evil that existed during the nazi years. Now, sixty-five years after the second World War in Europe ended, this film is a memorial to the memory of the millions of Jews, Russians, Christians and Catholic priests who were murdered, massacred, raped, burned, starved and humiliated while the world looked away!

For those like the little tyrant of Iran, the records~created by the perpetrators of the horrors~are proof positive that the Holocaust was very real. Do share this story with everyone you know, as often as possible...

The World Must Never Forget~Lest History Repeat Itself...

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