Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Answering Ahmadinejad's Lies...

Picture: Gateway Pundit
In September, when Iranian president Ahmadinejad was in New York for his last "official" visit to the United Nations, he was treated like a celebrity with many lining up to meet and speak with him.

There is a post on Gateway Pundit, where you can see more pictures of the smiling faces (like those to the left).

Oh, my, Louis Farrakhan and Ramsey Clark are both sitting under the watchful eyes of the Ayatollah~in support of the little tyrant who calls for Death to America and for Israel to be wiped off the map...

* Remember also, when the Iranians protested against the crooked elections, Obama would not even utter a word for ten whole days! When the deepening crisis and political pressure forced him to finally speak up, his weak rebuke was followed with an immediate concession to Iran’s sovereignty and a promise not to meddle in its internal affairs~although he thinks nothing of sticking his nose into the affairs of allies, especially if it means bringing them down in favour of radicals like the Muslim Brotherhood!

While the useful idiots cater to this mini-terrorist, there are those who are not afraid to call Ahmadinejad on his lies. The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran released a video that highlights the systematic cover-ups and the marked rise in human rights violations over the eight years of his presidency. 

In the video, five Iranian-American human rights activists respond to some of Ahmadinejad's remarks on multiple issues. The young people who are featured in this video, Ali Abdi (student activist), Bitta Mostofi (lawyer, activist), Manijeh Nasrabadi (member of Raha Organization), Mehdi Saharkhiz (son of political prisoner Isa Saharkhiz), and Sadra Shahab (student activist),  are all young activists who are also well known for their anti-war and anti-sanctions activities.

Do take the time to listen to what they have to say...

Michael Coren on Ahmadinejad's at the UN

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