Tuesday, 30 October 2012

A Great Speech from Allen West

I have always liked Allen West. He is a man who speaks straight, and stands by what he says. When he speaks, people listen. 

What is most impressive is his patriotism, and love for his country. When I listen to him, I am reminded of the days when America was respected around the world, for their patriotism, and pride in their country~when nobody would dare burn an American flag on an American street!. It was a time of real hope~not the phoney line being touted these days.

I know there are the nay-sayers and negative press~as there is about most politicians these days. Running for office opens up all the doors for nasty and truth is not necessary. I have no doubt that Allen West has made mistakes in his life~he is human! He can take criticism, but be prepared, this man is no wall-flower. He reminds me of what a real man used to be...long ago! Personally, I think America needs more people like Allen West...

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