Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Paul Weston vs Uninformed Liberal = Educational

This interview is very important and applies to every free country in the world. Whether you love or hate Paul Weston, you need to hear what he has to say.

The interviewer is openly aggressive, and true to form, whenever he is presented with facts, he changes the topic. He speaks in generalities, and uses BBC as a resource (listen to Mr. Weston's reply!)

Multiculturalism is all well and good if each culture respects the other. What the interviewer, and those who share his views do not see is that for Islam there is no mutual respect~there is only Islam.

What is mind-boggling is the refusal to listen to what Muslims are saying! Read their propaganda, follow their history. It is a lot to wade through, but unless people become educated they will see the destruction of freedom as we know it. 

Please Listen Carefully to Mr. Weston~Do Some Research~Open Your Mind...

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

A Great Speech from Allen West

I have always liked Allen West. He is a man who speaks straight, and stands by what he says. When he speaks, people listen. 

What is most impressive is his patriotism, and love for his country. When I listen to him, I am reminded of the days when America was respected around the world, for their patriotism, and pride in their country~when nobody would dare burn an American flag on an American street!. It was a time of real hope~not the phoney line being touted these days.

I know there are the nay-sayers and negative press~as there is about most politicians these days. Running for office opens up all the doors for nasty and truth is not necessary. I have no doubt that Allen West has made mistakes in his life~he is human! He can take criticism, but be prepared, this man is no wall-flower. He reminds me of what a real man used to be...long ago! Personally, I think America needs more people like Allen West...

Pray for Those in the Path of Hurricane Sandy...

On the east coast of the USA, hurricane Sandy is still on the move leaving millions without power, mass floods, major fires and at least seventeen thirty-three dead.

I am not going to start listing details as there are much more qualified blogs and newscasts giving up to the minute details.

What I will do is ask everyone to take a minute to say a prayer for the safety of those who are in the path of the storm. Pray for those who have been battered and those who have not yet felt the force of this super storm. Pray the devastation will cease. For the families who have been separated, or those who may be trapped, let the rescue people find them. Pray for those who are at this moment risking their own lives as they work to hold back flood waters, put out fires, and rescue those who are trapped. It is now that the training and expertise of rescue services are vital. May they be protected while they do their work.

Finally, pray the aftermath will be handled with integrity, that the citizens with put differences aside and work to insure relief will reach all those in need quickly.  
God Bless America...

The Enigma~Something Everyone Should See...

The Enigma~A Brief History Lesson

Monday, 29 October 2012

Running on Empty~Short and Sweet...

British Free Speech~Listen Closely...

Obama Has Crossed A Line~Watch to The End...

Picture: Moral Matters
Earlier I posted some information regarding the terror attack in Benghazi HERE and then a program aired by Glenn Beck HERE. The attack resulted in the murder of four Americans, including Ambassador Stevens. 

As time passes the story becomes more and more disturbing. I found the video below on Vlad Tepes. Again, I reiterate, I am not a fan of Glen Beck, but he does give compelling evidence that the pResident is hiding something. The clip begins by confirming that Obama looked the American public in the eye and outright lied during the debate with Romney~fair enough, but what follows leaves one without words. I urge you to watch this clip to the end. It is dead certain that there is some kind of shenanigans going on, and the Obama administration is determined to keep it covered. Four Americans are dead. The man who keeps calling himself the "Commander in Chief" is responsible and should, at the very least be called to account for this tragedy...

A Declaration of War~From the Youth of France

It's about time someone in Europe started standing up for themselves~even now, it is almost too late in France !

The video below is in French with English Sub-Titles. 

For Convenience here is the Transcript...

From "The Generation of National Identity~A Declaration of War "
We are Generation Identitaire.
We are the generation who get killed for glancing at the wrong person, for refusing someone a cigarette, or having an "attitude" that annoys someone.
We are the generation of ethnic fracture, total failure of coexistence, and forced mixing of the races.
We are the generation doubly punished: Condemned to pay into a social system so generous with strangers it becomes unsustainable for our own people.
Our generation are the victims of the May '68'ers| who wanted to liberate themselves from tradition, from knowledge and authority in education.
But they only accomplished to liberate themselves from their responsibilities.
We reject your history books to re-gather our memories.
We no longer believe that "Khader" could ever be our brother, we have stopped believing in a "Global Village" and the "Family of Man".
We discovered that we have roots, ancestry and therefore a future.
Our heritage is our land, our blood, our identity. We are the heirs to our own future
We turned off the TV to march the streets.
We painted our slogans on the walls. Cried through loudspeakers for "youth in power" and flew our Lambda flags high.
The Lambda, painted on proud Spartans' shields, is our symbol.
Don't you understand what this means ? 
We will not back down, We will not give in.
We are sick and tired of your cowardice.
You are from the years of post-war prosperity, retirement benefits, S.O.S Racism and "diversity", sexual liberation and a bag of rice from Bernard Kouchner.
We are 25 percent unemployment, social debt, multicultural collapse and an explosion of anti-white racism.
We are broken families, and young French soldiers dying in Afghanistan.
You won't buy us with a condescending look, a state-paid job of misery and a pat on the shoulder.
We don't need your youth-policies. Youth IS our policy.
Don't think this is simply a manifesto. It is a declaration of war. 
You Are of Yesterday...We Are of Tomorrow...

Déclaration de guerre~Génération Identitaire

We are Generation

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Common Sense Says: Obama's a Muslim Ass Kisser...

The speaker, ET Williams has a blog called Whatever Happened to Common Sense, and he has written a Book with the Same Title. You can listen to his radio show on blog talk radio called Common Sense Nation and in addition to the many clips on his blog, he also has an abundance of videos on his YouTube Channel.

I have not had time to look at more than a smattering of his offerings because he is so prolific, but he appears to be right on the mark. This is not some "wing-nut" spouting rhetoric~his points are solid and he addresses almost every topic you can think of whether in the news or not.

Be Warned! Williams is the opposite of politically correct and says what is on his mind in the clearest possible language. If you are easily offended, I suggest you get some back-bone, read some of his blog posts, then watch a few of his videos. After that, sit back and do some serious thinking about what he says...

I find him refreshing! You do not have to agree with ET Williams, but you do have to appreciate his straight forward honesty!
* Hat Tip to Blazing Cat Fur

This Guy is Not Afraid to Say What Many People Think!

Actions Speak Louder Than Words~Listen Up My Fellow Jews!

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Libya~Syria~Turkey~Ambassador Stevens~The Real Story

The Vicious Circle is Closing~Exactly "What" is Obama Trying to Do?

* Hat Tip to Winds of Jihad by Sheik YerMami

Beck is Not The Only One Aware of Behind-The-Scenes Plotting...

Part 2~An Inside Look At Islam's Takeover of Europe

A few days ago I posted Part 1 of a 4 Part Series by Zvi Yehezkeli and David Deryi.

The film makers follow an Arabic-speaking Israeli~whose appearance and flawless Arabic accent are sufficient to allow him to mingle freely with the Muslims~as he visits "Muslim No-Go Zones"  in Europe. What he discovers is disturbing to say the least.

Here is Part 2~and it is a must see! For all those who are still under the illusion that Islam is a "religion of peace", you need to watch these films carefully. 

Please Share With Everyone Who Cares About Freedom...

Nigel Farage: Total Subjugation to EU Control

The Only Politician With a Spine~Ya Gotta Love Nigel Farage!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Prager University: Capital Punishment

* Do Visit Prager University for More 5-Minute Courses...

Information on Prager University

He Said Allahu Akbar: And It's Only Work Place Violence?

Below is a short clip I found by accident. It is important that everyone sees this again and again until the enormity of it sinks in.

At 13:34 local time on the 5th of November 2009, Palestinian American, Major Nidal Malik Hasan walked onto Fort Hood military base. He entered the Soldier Readiness Processing Center (his workplace) where military personnel receive medical treatment both before and after being deployed.

Hasan Yelled Allahu Akbar and Opened Fire on the Unarmed Soldiers...

Hasan had prepared himself (as all Jihadists do), prior to committing a Terror Attack. He gave away his possessions, shaved his body hair and handed out copies of the Quran~along with his business cards containing a Maryland phone number and "Behavioral Heatlh [sic]~Mental Health~Life Skills~Nidal Hasan, MD, MPH~SoA (SWT)~Psychiatrist".

The acronym "SoA" is common (on jihadist websites) for "Soldier of Allah" or "Servant of Allah", and SWT is commonly used by Muslims to mean "subhanahu wa ta'ala" (Glory to God). * The cards did not show his military rank.

Thirteen people and an unborn child died in the slaughter, while thirty-two others were wounded~in an attack perpetrated by a "supposedly" fellow soldier~one of their own!

This could have and should have been prevented! There were more than enough warning signs, but in the interests of "political correctness" a future terrorist was not only "overlooked" but educated and promoted!  Even when he became more and more obvious in his radical ideas, nobody did a thing~because he was a Muslim and it would not be "Politically Correct".

*In fact, the words Muslim, Islam and Terror have been eliminated by this administration, and films have shown that Obama's minions choke if asked to even say the words out loud!

To add insult to injury, this barbaric act of terror ha been labelled as "Work Place Violence". I am gobsmacked! What in the world is going on in America! How can the American people stand by and let the Obama administration desecrate the memory of those who died~and were wounded while preparing to defend their country?

Before you call me a raving lunatic, please take time to watch the video. These are the words of those who were there~the ones who survived. How dare anyone tell them that a Muslim screaming Allahu Akbar as he shot at them in cold blood was "workplace violence", and not a terror attack! At the end of the film the following is suggested...

Contact the pResident, your Senator and Congressman...
The Fort Hood Victims and Their Families Deserve an Apology;
Purple Hearts for the Soldiers and Fair Compensation for All of Their Injuries. 

I Strongly Urge You to Share this video with as many people as possible...Unless Good Americans Make Their Voices Heard~The Politically Correct Obama Administration Will Lead America Back to the Dark Ages. 
Time to Call It What It Is~A Barbaric, Muslim Terror Attack

Made In Israel~Oh Yeah!

IATI~Israel Advanced Technology Industries

Is America Bewitched by Obama??

As November Elections Approach~Consider These Points...

Final Presidential Debate~Mitt Romney & Barack Obama

Now It Is Up To America...

Monday, 22 October 2012

Gene Simmons Dont Like Obama Either!

How Bad Is It When A Rocker Sounds Smarter Than The pResident?

Hitler's Secret Archives

A long-secret German archive, housing intricate details on 17.5 million victims of the Holocaust was uncovered in the German town of Bad Arolsen. The Bad Arolsen Holocaust Archive is a massive sixteen miles of shelving containing fifty million pages of documents! Kept "off-limits" to the public, the German government finally agreed to make the records available. Known as ITS (international Tracing Service) there is now a website at this LINK.

In 2007, CBS Newsman Scott Pelley traveled to Bad Arolsen with three Jewish Holocaust survivors and spoke with them as they viewed their own Holocaust records.

With the growing cult of Holocaust deniers in Iran and around the world, accompanied by the denial speeches in the UN, this film is proof of the evil that existed during the nazi years. Now, sixty-five years after the second World War in Europe ended, this film is a memorial to the memory of the millions of Jews, Russians, Christians and Catholic priests who were murdered, massacred, raped, burned, starved and humiliated while the world looked away!

For those like the little tyrant of Iran, the records~created by the perpetrators of the horrors~are proof positive that the Holocaust was very real. Do share this story with everyone you know, as often as possible...

The World Must Never Forget~Lest History Repeat Itself...

Death and Deceit in Bengazi...The Truth!

Mitt Romney Jokes at Alfred E. Smith Dinner

Alfred E Smith~1928: Wikipedia
I've not seen or heard much about Mitt Romney prior to his running for President, and frankly he did not strike me as someone who would do a stand-up comedy routine. As the video below shows, however, he is not too shabby at all...

Both Mitt Romney and President Obama attended the 67th annual Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner, a charity gala organized by the Archdiocese of New York. The white-tie affair raises millions for the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation to benefit needy children.

During presidential election years, the event brings the candidates to the same stage to trade barbs and self-deprecating zingers as the race enters its final weeks. It is generally the last event at which two US presidential candidates share a stage before the election.

* For transcript go to the Washington Examiner Beltway Confidential

I Would Like To Talk To You About Islam...

This is Funny~And All Too True! (*Warning~Strong Language)

* Thanks to Blazing Cat Fur for Posting This...

Sunday, 21 October 2012

An Inside Look at Europe's Takeover by Islam...

What happens when an Arabic-speaking Israeli~whose appearance and flawless Arabic accent are sufficient to allow him to mingle freely with the Muslims~pays a visit to several "Muslim No-Go Zones" in Sweden and France?

Two Israelis decided to do just that. 

In this first of a four-part Israeli documentary you will get an inside look at the Islamic mindset within the greater European community.  Israeli's Zvi Yehezkeli and David Deryi take you with them to learn about the Islamization of Europe. This is the reality~Please take the time to watch...

* The film is translated from Hebrew and subtitled in English.

Welcome to Eurabia 2012~I Hope Europe is Watching!

The One State Solution

An Oldie~But Still a Goodie...

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Obamacare Summed Up in One Sentence...

You Can't Say it Much Better Than This!!

Obama: The Anti-Israel President~Believe It!!

These Are The Facts~Take Time to Learn...

Why There Will Never Be Peace...

If you have not visited the website of MEMRI, I strongly urge you to do so. Their work is outstanding and you will soon learn what is "really" going on in the Middle East!

The clip below is just one example. MEMRI also provided the transcript..
Hamas MP Marwan Abu Ras, member
International Union of Muslim Scholars
Speaking on Al-Aqsa TV~12 September 2012...
"...The Jews are behind each and every catastrophe on the face of the Earth. This is not open to debate. This is not a temporal thing, but goes back to days of yore. They concocted so many conspiracies and betrayed rulers and nations so many times that the people harbor hatred towards them. Throughout history~from Nebuchadnezzar until modern times...They slayed the prophets, and so on.
Any catastrophe on the face of this Earth~the Jews must be behind it." 

Now watch the clip and remember~this is the daily rhetoric in Arab countries. They do not want peace~they want to destroy Israel. They have some corrupted notion that this will enable them to defeat the rest of the world and establish a caliphate under sharia law. 

Wake up People! This is the Reality~this is a people who wallow in their own lies and are willing to die to deprive you of your freedoms...

* Do Visit MEMRI~Remember to Thank Them~and if possible Support Them!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Answering Ahmadinejad's Lies...

Picture: Gateway Pundit
In September, when Iranian president Ahmadinejad was in New York for his last "official" visit to the United Nations, he was treated like a celebrity with many lining up to meet and speak with him.

There is a post on Gateway Pundit, where you can see more pictures of the smiling faces (like those to the left).

Oh, my, Louis Farrakhan and Ramsey Clark are both sitting under the watchful eyes of the Ayatollah~in support of the little tyrant who calls for Death to America and for Israel to be wiped off the map...

* Remember also, when the Iranians protested against the crooked elections, Obama would not even utter a word for ten whole days! When the deepening crisis and political pressure forced him to finally speak up, his weak rebuke was followed with an immediate concession to Iran’s sovereignty and a promise not to meddle in its internal affairs~although he thinks nothing of sticking his nose into the affairs of allies, especially if it means bringing them down in favour of radicals like the Muslim Brotherhood!

While the useful idiots cater to this mini-terrorist, there are those who are not afraid to call Ahmadinejad on his lies. The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran released a video that highlights the systematic cover-ups and the marked rise in human rights violations over the eight years of his presidency. 

In the video, five Iranian-American human rights activists respond to some of Ahmadinejad's remarks on multiple issues. The young people who are featured in this video, Ali Abdi (student activist), Bitta Mostofi (lawyer, activist), Manijeh Nasrabadi (member of Raha Organization), Mehdi Saharkhiz (son of political prisoner Isa Saharkhiz), and Sadra Shahab (student activist),  are all young activists who are also well known for their anti-war and anti-sanctions activities.

Do take the time to listen to what they have to say...

Michael Coren on Ahmadinejad's at the UN

Town Hall Debate: Mitt Romney & Barack Obama

You can watch the full town hall debate between Mitt Romney and Barack Hussein Obama below. Watch the body language, and listen carefully. Obama's answers tell me he has never had to struggle, or  work at a "real job". Remember that all his "green" investments have gone belly up.

Note that CNN moderator, Crawley, allowed Obama to speak for 44:04 and Romney for 40:50. A full 10% more for Obama! (Source: Weasel Zippers) She continually cut Mitt Romney off while fawning over Obama, who sat sneering in the background. Between Crawley and Obama I felt nauseous for most of the debate.

Again I say, I am NOT a Romney fan, yet, I would give the night to Romney. Obama has had four years, and in that time America has not only been weakened by a debt that is unthinkable, it has been lowered in the eyes of the world as a first class power, and the radicals in the Middle East are laughing their heads off. If he gets another four years America will be relegated to third world status.

When you have the likes of the Taliban and Hugo Chavez saying they would vote for Obama I think that pretty much says it all...

Matisyahu in New Movie: The Possession

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Lionsgate
The film was released at the end of August. If you are expecting a story about rap or music of any kind, you are not even going to be close! 

This is a thriller / horror and after watching the trailer (below) I don't think I will watch the movie, even though I am a huge Matisyahu fan. 

According to the Web Site, a young girl finds a "dybbuk box" at a garage sale. Naturally the girl becomes the victim of the released spirit. A rabbi's son, Tzadok, (played by Matisyahu) attempts to exorcise the dybbuk (evil spirit) from the young girl. The second clip below is a brief documentary on dybbuk stories.

There are many stories and tales of the dybbuk, and I am sure that in true Hollywood style, this movie will bring many of them to life. I have a friend who likes this type of movie, so maybe, just maybe I will end up seeing it in Israel!

The Possession~with Matisyahu

Documentary Feature About the Movie: The Possession

Muslims in Europe~Take Note America

What Will Happen As Their Number Grow?

Monday, 15 October 2012

Everyone is Talking About "Obama's America"

The move below was referred by an acquaintance. I am Not sure how long this will stay up as each site that hosts it is being brought down. I have no rights, or connection to the site hosting.

As expected the site hosting the movie has been flagged. If another site becomes available I will post it. 

The man behind the movie, Dinesh D'Souza, has indeed done his research~which is more than the mainstream media has done. He also wrote a book called Obama's America~one of many he has written. Do visit his website to learn more. This movie is worth purchasing and sharing. Regardless of Opinions, This Film Should be Seen By Everyone...

I have many strong feelings about what BHO is, and none of them are good. If Americans wanted to elect a black president, surely they could have found someone who believed in the freedoms and rights that America has always stood for! How can they remain blind while he weakens the country and works to lift up those who would destroy freedom around the world? I'm not a fan of Romney, but it appears that anyone, would be a better choice than BHO. Meanwhile, here is Dinesh D'Souza speaking on the topics he covered in the film.

Part 1 of 3~Dinesh D'Souza on 2016: Obama  

Part 2 of 3~Dinesh D'Souza on 2016: Obama

Part 3 of 3~Dinesh D'Souza on 2016: Obama

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

What About Obama's Ring~Is It Islamic??

I am not into "conspiracy" theories because they are, for the most part, a waste of time. 

That being said, I found this interesting article... 

* Do Go To Bare Naked Islam For The Full Story...

Apparently, the ring that Obama has been wearing on his "wedding ring" finger is not so much a wedding ring as a declaration~of faith~or so it seems.

It is claimed that this is the same ring  he has been wearing since the 1980's. See Picture Below...

** Note** 
The report at the link above has more pictures (full size) for viewing.

Why is this so important?

Well, according to experts in Arabic, the inscription contains the first part of the shihada~the Muslim declaration of faith on it..."there is no god but allah"

I don't know about you, but I find that a bit "odd" for a man who is constantly claiming to be a practicing Christian...Any ideas~Anyone...

* Thanks to Bare Naked Islam for posting this story!

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Romney vs.Obama~2012 Presidential Debate

Obama vs. Romney
In five weeks, Americans will choose who will lead their country for the next four years. This debate is but one factor to consider.

The big issue is that the press and citizens in general refuse to vet the current pResident. His record is appalling. He spends more time on the golf course and schmoozing with film stars and athletes than he does on the problems he was elected to address~the list is endless.

Regardless, there is still the disturbing fact that the media refuses to properly vet the man who holds the highest office in America and perhaps the world. His past has been sealed from the public. What does he have to hide? All criticism is prohibited~Why? Every other president has been ruthlessly dissected, yet, any inquiry to BHO is suddenly "racist". It is not racist to demand accountability from the head of a country. It is not racist to expect an official elected to high office to actually "be in attendance" for at least eight hours a day. Why should he have a free pass?

Start looking at his past record honestly, critically, in the same manner as other presidents and candidates. Stop making excuses for his race, background, etc., nauseum. Any person who wants to hold the highest office in the land can NOT be constantly using excuses for lack of performance~they either do the job, or step down.

For those who missed it, this is the debate in full. There are audio problems until around 2:41. (I have posted a 2nd clip below with the restored audio). Please listen carefully with an open mind, and then do your own research, honestly and with an open mind...

Here is the Intro With Proper Audio

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Who is the "Real" Barack Hussein Obama?

The important point to remember is what BHO is saying. The early speech appears to have been made in June 2007 to an audience of black ministers, (including the Rev. Jeremiah Wright) at Hampton University in Virginia. Notice in that clip, he has a decidedly pronounced accent that supposedly resonates with his audience. Fast forward to the later speech, when he is back-tracking (and kicking his "mentor" to the curb), there is no "cultural accent" as he becomes "polished" and of course, "politically correct".

The exclusive video and story is  HERE. You can also view it below (2nd clip). It provides more of that speech, where, among other things, he states:

Unlike residents of majority-black New Orleans, the federal government considers those victims “part of the American family.” ("those victims" refers to victims of 9/11 & Hurricane Andrew...ed.)

I know~All Politicians say things to gather votes, but, to anyone who bothers to look or listen, the current pResident, both then, and now, is creating a divide between Americans. I am no fan of Romney, but Obama and his policies have created divisions in America which are becoming dangerous to the nation as a whole.

This is only a small example~if the media would start being honest, and if people would actually look for and examine the facts, there is still be time to save America from the destruction that will be if BHO is voted in for another four years...

What a Difference a Few Years Makes!

Listen Carefully and Think...

* Thanks to Weasel Zippers and The Daily Caller

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