Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Muhammad Movie~Death and Destruction for This?

I debated posting this "video", as it is (in a word) "complete stupidity". That the Muslim world is up in arms, murdering and killing over it is beyond stupidity. 

The "producer" and I use the term lightly, is supposed to be an Egyptian Coptic Christian. To be honest, I would be inclined to to credit this farce to a muslim~it totally reflects their primitive mind set and provides what they would consider a reason (as if they need one) for more killing and rioting. The Copts, on the other hand, are under such persecution I really question that they would want to increase the attacks.

The "trailer" was released over six months ago. Nobody even noticed it. Suddenly with the approach of 9/11 the Muslim world is in an outrage~well, they are always in an outrage, but I digress. The burning of flags, storming of embassies, and barbaric murder of innocents is beyond contempt. To blame it on this joke of a film is beyond description. 

If you can stand to watch the whole thing, here it is. Now ask yourself~how on earth does this bit of mindless nonsense give Muslims the right to brutally murder and desecrate the body of United States Ambassador, J Christopher Stevens?

Innocence of Muslims~Stupidity at Its Finest...

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