Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Inside 9/11: The World Must Never Forget!~

Forget 9/11? NEVER!!
Although it has been eleven years, the horror of 9/11 is still fresh in my mind. My radio was on very low but I was not really listening. I remember hearing "World Trade Center" and "planes", but it did not register. In fact, I thought it was some kind of play~after all these things didn't happen in real life... 

My mind could not grasp the idea of planes flying into the towers, or the pentagon.  Oh, how things have changed...

Over the years there have been endless stories, movies, compilations, theories~you name it. There are those who still suffer,  those who are trying to "cash in", those who swear it was an "American-Zionist conspiracy" and those who, to this day, celebrate and glorify the barbaric attack. Those who were behind this attack feel they are winning...becoming stronger. These are a species who see human kindness as a weakness. They rejoice in brutality and glorify death. Their goal is to "rule the world". Remember~they danced, and passed out sweets as thousands of innocents died.

Our freedoms in this world are a precious gift~given to us by those who fought and died so we could live. We must not allow them to be hi-jacked!  

Remember 9/11~Never Forget!
G-d Bless America and Keep Her People Safe~Always...

Inside 9/11:  Zero Hour

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