Monday, 13 August 2012

Unsettled~The Disengagement From Gush Katif

They built their homes on sand dunes~barren land that belonged to nobody. They created a place of beauty, a Garden of Eden, where people slept with their front doors unlocked. Where are they now? What became of the thousands torn from their homes?

This is the story of the people of Gush Katif who were cruelly ripped from their homes, communities and jobs. I remember. I remember standing with the women and children during the many prayer gatherings before the expulsion. I remember seeing the tears, the fear, the disbelief, the sorrow. I remember crying. I am not one to cry~but the pain filled the air around us, so I wept standing amongst my sisters.

One cannot imagine the horror of this action. The picture above is of the yeshiva in Neve Dekalim before the expulsion and later when the PA moved in. All through history Jews have been chased from one place to another, but this was different~this was Jews destroying Jewish homes in Eretz Israel, leaving their fellow Jews homeless and jobless~a Chillul Hashem (desecration of G-d's name) of unspeakable proportions!

Do watch the film below. This is the story of the "disengagement" told by those who were rendered homeless~and for what? The attacks, the rockets and hatred have only increased, while the Arab world becomes more brazen in calling for the elimination of Israel. Those who constantly scream for Israel to give up more of its tiny plot of land want nothing less than the total destruction of the Jewish people~to deny this is ignorance of unspeakable proportions.

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