Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Shame on Toronto Police~Shame on Canada to Allow This!

Alan Einstoss & Cupcake
This is beyond words! During the annual rally Hate Fest at Queen's Park, Alan Einstoss and his dog Cupcake were detained by Toronto Police. They had been strolling the area for about an hour before the incident. * It should be noted here, that Cupcake, was on a leash and is also a trained therapy dog (ie) that means he is "gentle"

A police officer stated: Officers took notice of (Einstoss) because they did see an extremely large dog with an Israeli flag around its neck...So, I wonder if this had anything to do with the tiny Israeli flag around cupcake's neck?? I also wonder why large flags of Hezbollah~a designated terror group~were being waved about and nothing was said?

Toronto has a reputation of supporting everything that is "anti". By that I mean, anti-Israel, anti-Semitism, anti-Freedom and anything that is not "Islamic" in nature. I have been following the antics of this wayward city (See Links below Video) and it beggars belief that this can be happening in Canada!

There is a definite trend here. The Bible or any references to it are not allowed in most public places. People are being vilified for having a dog, enjoying a beer or even a bacon sandwich. Traditions like "Christmas Trees" are a no-no~in fact, any reference to religion is frowned upon~Unless it is Islam!!

As a Jew I have religious observances and restrictions~but I would never dream of demanding they be imposed on anyone other than myself. Canada opens its arms to immigrants who want to establish a new (and better) life. These people do not want to be a part of Canada's free society~they want to take over and enforce their primitive, medieval ways along with demands that everyone submit. This is just wrong!

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