Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The Fatal Threat Of Islam To The West

Geert Wilders Presents Truth~Listen Before It is Too Late!

With immigration, high birth rates and the ability to use our hard fought for freedoms against us, the medieval practices of Islam are invading the free world. This is not just about halal meat in the school cafeterias. This is about alcohol being forbidden, pork being forbidden, women forced to cover from head to foot in hideous black shrouds and denied all rights as human beings. Gay and transgendered people are being put to death, while all religion~save Islam~is forbidden. And for all the people of colour who are rushing to the mosques~do some research! The Arabic word for you is SLAVE! If Islam takes control you will be little more than that. Pay attention to what is really happening in the middle east and the Islamic countries~take a hard look at real oppression.

Take the Blinders Off~Be Honest With Yourself!

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