Thursday, 5 July 2012

MK Danny Danon Speaks to Al Jazeera

This is from last year, but still relevant. MK Danny Danon is very outspoken in his views and is not afraid to present facts to those who have a tendency to "change them"...

Teymoor Nabili is a clear example of a smarmy interviewer, and Al Jazeera is full of slick, "proper English speaking" snake charmers. From the start, this interview is designed to paint Mr. Danon in a negative manner and show Israelis as the evil-doers, while allowing no consideration that Israel is acting to protect itself.  He tries to imply that "building settlements" is a unilateral action by Israel, but fails to note that the "Arabs" are building thousands of illegal houses daily~all through Israel proper~and NOTHING is said (until they get caught then Israel is called apartheid!)

I know what you are thinking--it is the job of an interviewer to try and "catch people out". Maybe, if one is writing for a "gossip mag"~but~Al Jazeera claims to provide "Award-winning international News and Documentaries". This should compel them to show both sides without bias or pre-judging~something you will not see here. 

Much of the interview is frustrating because MK Danon is not able (or allowed?) to fully explain the realities of life in Israel, such as the complex issue of Jewish girls marrying Arabs. These girls are taken to Arab villages, isolated and treated very badly~often brutally. They must become Muslims and forfeit contact for themselves (and any children) with their Jewish family. The call to stop intermarriage came from a single area, only after many of these girls had to be rescued covertly and relocated~usually to other countries! No mention of the women in Europe and North America who marry Muslims and end up fighting to see their children again. Intermarriage is a very real issue in every country and for the Jewish people it is an issue regardless of which country they are living in!

Another point smoothed over is the fact that Arab-Israelis freely go anywhere they please in Israel, while Jews are restricted~accidentally straying into the wrong street will get a Jew lynched! That being said, the majority of us are more concerned about being able to pay the rent and buy food than who is sitting next to us on the bus or ringing up the till! It would behoove the interviewer (who is based in Dohar) to admit that Jews can't even enter Arab countries, much less "mingle"!
Constantly referring to the case of MK Hanan Zoabi (who rejects Israel's existence), is a red herring. She remains in the Knesset with full salary and benefits, spouting hatred for Israel (who pays her salary and benefits), supporting Hamas and celebrating the release of murderers of Jews. Before criticizing Israel because we considered expelling Zoabi from the Knesset as a traitor, consider the penalty if a Jew acted this way in an Arab country~Oh, I forgot, Jews have already been expelled (or murdered) by Arab countries~but I dare say, if such a scenario could exist, it would involve a swift, horrendous, demise...

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