Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Creating "Fake" Anti-Israel Headlines with Photos

The fight to expose the hate based lies being published against Israel is on-going and Honest Reporting is on the front lines.

When the general public is screaming that Israel is apartheid, cruel and violating human rights it is an ugly thing. Have you ever wondered where they receive their information from? Have you ever done "honest" research to seek the facts? How many of you see a headline, or hear a news flash and decide to boycott? How many of you have actually come to Israel and visited the real Israel~not the "camps" used by the PA for "public relations".

The time for a reality check is now! The media seeks headlines and readership and they have sacrificed honesty to reach their goals. The Arab world has spent decades "re-writing" history in their favour. It is time to stop drinking the kool-aide! Yes~Israel has problems and we need changes, but I promise you that life is better and safer here (including for the "palestinians") than in any Arab, Islamic country~that is why they are sneaking across the borders to live here!. 

It is fine to hate Israel~that is your right, but at least hate us honestly! Take a clear look at the reality in Islamic countries, where everything Not Sharia is being destroyed! Below is just one example of how you are being hoodwinked...Watch and Learn!!

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