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The Fatal Threat Of Islam To The West

Geert Wilders Presents Truth~Listen Before It is Too Late!

With immigration, high birth rates and the ability to use our hard fought for freedoms against us, the medieval practices of Islam are invading the free world. This is not just about halal meat in the school cafeterias. This is about alcohol being forbidden, pork being forbidden, women forced to cover from head to foot in hideous black shrouds and denied all rights as human beings. Gay and transgendered people are being put to death, while all religion~save Islam~is forbidden. And for all the people of colour who are rushing to the mosques~do some research! The Arabic word for you is SLAVE! If Islam takes control you will be little more than that. Pay attention to what is really happening in the middle east and the Islamic countries~take a hard look at real oppression.

Take the Blinders Off~Be Honest With Yourself!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

PM Benjamin Netanyahu on Syria & Chemical Weapons

PM Benjamin Netanyahu with Chris Wallace

* H/T to Elder of Ziyon Blog

Egged and Press Are Silent After Jerusalem Bus Accident

 * Picture by Arutz 7
On the 9th of July a friend was hit by an Egged bus in Jerusalem (Seriously!) The only pictures I could find were in Arutz 7 along with a small report. There have been no further updates.

The accident, involving three Egged buses took place across from the Central Bus station in Jerusalem.

Our buses have a bad habit of "stacking" at the stops. From what I could gather, two buses were one in front of the other at the curb (with a fair distance between them). The third bus pulled up, stopped in the traffic lane and opened the doors for people to enter and exit. The people at the curb, including my friend, started walking between the first two buses towards the open doors. For reasons not yet known, the front bus rolled back causing the majority of the people to scatter. My friend was somehow caught by the bus backing up~thrown against the second bus and ended up in the space between two of the buses~around the middle of the above photo. We are guessing that her shirt was snagged, and when it ripped she was "dropped". This may well have saved her life.

There was one other injured girl. She was flung up and crushed between the two buses (below the guy straddling the tops of the buses in the photo). According to Arutz 7, they had to have firefighters come to release her. My friend said that when her eyes began to focus she was looking up at the girl who appeared to be suspended in mid-air, as if she was swimming. She said that her first thought was "this can't be real".

I stayed with her in hospital and for the next  week. Over those days my friend revealed that immediately on gaining her senses she felt like it was the end of the world, as for some moments she heard no sound, no screams, no sirens...just silence. She said it was as if there was nobody left but herself and this poor girl.

My friend's right arm was scraped raw above and below the elbow (nasty looking and very painful!) Her other elbow is a huge black bruise and her back has multiple bruises. The shirt appears to have dragged over her tummy creating huge "burn" marks. Her laptop was crushed (to death) and the case ripped. Her clothing had to be cut off and the scraps were unceremoniously thrown in the garbage.

On the positive side, she is moving around and they say there is nothing broken. I suspect she will be in a lot of pain for some time to come...but considering the circumstances it is a miracle that this is the extent of her injuries!

There was no information about the injured young woman, other than she was about nineteen, and a tourist~possibly from Alaska. When we asked the investigating police officer in the hospital how she was doing, his only answer was "lo tov", which means "not good". We are praying that she makes a complete recovery.

Shearim Will Be Updating But Here is What She Learned:
She went to the Hospital to ask about the injured girl and was fortunate to be able to speak her mother. The girl's name is Jordan, she was in surgery at the time and will require more. She learned that once the parents were informed of the accident, they were left to their own devices to make their way to Israel. When they arrived they had to find a place to stay close to the hospital (unassisted). To my knowledge, "nobody has even bothered to speak to them!" Can you imagine how they must feel~not speaking Hebrew, a seriously injured child and all alone thousands of miles from home!! Apparently, Egged is very good at sweeping things under the carpet and this is par for the course for them. My question is: Why are the Media Silent?  There were hundreds of people around and it is as if nothing happened! This is a disgrace, and a shame on our country. While the media may be hushed up, bloggers are Not! I plan to follow and post along with Shearim as things unfold. I urge any bloggers who are interested to Link To or Contact Shearim to spread the story. 

Do go to Shearim and view the multiple posts to date (in descending order):

While you are there be sure to check out the other posts~worth the time...

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Exclusive: George Zimmerman Speaks to Hannity

I'm Not Getting Into the Subject~Watch and Consider the Facts

Regardless of the eventual outcome, I find that the incitement of the Black Panthers, coupled with the irresponsible actions coming from the Obama administration have been reprehensible and are sending America back to the 1960's...

Monday, 9 July 2012

The Lubavitcher Rebbe Speaks about the Raid on Entebbe

On 04 July 1976, the tiny nation of Israel celebrated one of its greatest victories over the forces of evil as they greeted the rescued victims from Entebbe. The rescue itself was daring and audacious and surely nobody thought it would even be attempted.

When the Lubavitcher Rebbe heard of the raid he spoke to his followers...*Yiddish with English Sub-Titles

From time to time, G-d grants us the opportunity to observe in this physical world how quality prevails over quantity, how the soul prevails over the body, and how the soul of the world rules over the veil of physical reality~that G-d fills and controls the world...

The Rebbe on Entebbe: Winning the War on Terror

Something to Think About...

Thursday, 5 July 2012

MK Danny Danon Speaks to Al Jazeera

This is from last year, but still relevant. MK Danny Danon is very outspoken in his views and is not afraid to present facts to those who have a tendency to "change them"...

Teymoor Nabili is a clear example of a smarmy interviewer, and Al Jazeera is full of slick, "proper English speaking" snake charmers. From the start, this interview is designed to paint Mr. Danon in a negative manner and show Israelis as the evil-doers, while allowing no consideration that Israel is acting to protect itself.  He tries to imply that "building settlements" is a unilateral action by Israel, but fails to note that the "Arabs" are building thousands of illegal houses daily~all through Israel proper~and NOTHING is said (until they get caught then Israel is called apartheid!)

I know what you are thinking--it is the job of an interviewer to try and "catch people out". Maybe, if one is writing for a "gossip mag"~but~Al Jazeera claims to provide "Award-winning international News and Documentaries". This should compel them to show both sides without bias or pre-judging~something you will not see here. 

Much of the interview is frustrating because MK Danon is not able (or allowed?) to fully explain the realities of life in Israel, such as the complex issue of Jewish girls marrying Arabs. These girls are taken to Arab villages, isolated and treated very badly~often brutally. They must become Muslims and forfeit contact for themselves (and any children) with their Jewish family. The call to stop intermarriage came from a single area, only after many of these girls had to be rescued covertly and relocated~usually to other countries! No mention of the women in Europe and North America who marry Muslims and end up fighting to see their children again. Intermarriage is a very real issue in every country and for the Jewish people it is an issue regardless of which country they are living in!

Another point smoothed over is the fact that Arab-Israelis freely go anywhere they please in Israel, while Jews are restricted~accidentally straying into the wrong street will get a Jew lynched! That being said, the majority of us are more concerned about being able to pay the rent and buy food than who is sitting next to us on the bus or ringing up the till! It would behoove the interviewer (who is based in Dohar) to admit that Jews can't even enter Arab countries, much less "mingle"!
Constantly referring to the case of MK Hanan Zoabi (who rejects Israel's existence), is a red herring. She remains in the Knesset with full salary and benefits, spouting hatred for Israel (who pays her salary and benefits), supporting Hamas and celebrating the release of murderers of Jews. Before criticizing Israel because we considered expelling Zoabi from the Knesset as a traitor, consider the penalty if a Jew acted this way in an Arab country~Oh, I forgot, Jews have already been expelled (or murdered) by Arab countries~but I dare say, if such a scenario could exist, it would involve a swift, horrendous, demise...

Israeli Innovation~1st of its Kind "Medical Smartphone"

OK, I admit that I love posting stories like this!

The latest invention to come out of Israel is called the LifeWatch V~described as a "Medical Smartphone", it is also The First of its Kind. 

It measures seven medical indexes. The LifeWatch V site states: Each test result is automatically and securely saved to a remote server, in the cloud, and can be presented for analysis, together with other results and trend data. All results and historical data can be shared in a report format with a third party, via email or text message.

The following is only a brief summary of the information provided on the LIfeWatch V site~Do take the time to go there and see the unit in detail and learn how this unique invention works and see details of the seven independent medical tests it provides.

[1] ECG 
It is easy to take a one-lead ECG test by placing your fingers on four sensing points on the sides of the phone's frame. You will see an accurate one-lead ECG test, and results can easily be shared with your doctor.

Measure your Heart Rate by placing four fingers on the phone’s frame. Your heart rate will be shown immediately. Click once and you can compare the results to your past data. Another click and you can share the data with your doctor.

To take your temperature, hold the phone to your forehead. The infrared sensor in the device will take your temperature in 10 seconds! No more thermometers!

[4] Blood Sugar Levels
LifeWatch V is the first smartphone boasting an integrated Blood Glucose testing slot. Using the available kit, prepare the blood glucose test strip and insert it into the dedicated slot. You see the result immediately on your smartphone, and you can forward it to your doctor.

[5] Body Fat Percentages
Measure and track your body fat simply and effectively, something most of us should (or need) to do! LifeWatch V can also provide diet apps and advice to help manage weight.

Oxygen saturation checks whether your red blood cells carry enough oxygen to power your body organs. LifeWatch V will test your blood oxygen in ten seconds~place two fingers on the phone’s sensors and see the result on the screen. People using portable oxygen do this test daily, sometimes multiple times per day.

Stress levels are measured by checking your Heart Rate Variability. When stress is high, you will have the option of choosing a relaxation technique. In cases where stress is a medical issue this information can be forwarded to your doctor in case treatment is required.

The General Manager and Vice President of Research and Development at LifeWatch is Yair Tal. In an interview with Arutz 7 he said that the LifeWatch V is absolutely accurate and equivalent to any other diagnostic device in the field...Wow~This is the Israel I Love!

Interview from Arutz 7

LIfeWatch V Marketing Video

Itamar Marcus on the Pal. Authority's Deceptions

Itamar Marcus is the founder and director of a non-governmental, media monitoring organization called PMW (Palestinian Media Watch). For many years this soft-spoken man has calmly, gently been speaking to people around the world. The message he presents is for Jews and Non-Jews alike~which is why there are two clips below. They are similar, but the second clip does have new material. Nonetheless, the message remains the same, because Mr. Marcus and his organization are devoted to presenting facts.

These talks provide a true insight into how the media molds the thought process of "palestinian (ie) Arab" children and society. They follow the ideals of h!t!er who said:

It is so very important that we all hear and digest what is being said in Arabic, and compare it to what is relayed to the English speaking world! The methods used by the "pa" can be traced to the controlling methods used by the nazis prior to the beginning of the Shoah, and is just as dangerous, if not more so.

PMW Bulletin~19 June 2012

People are now "believing it". The decades of Saudi and Middle East oil dollars being funneled into Western Universities, Colleges, Libraries and other institutions is beginning to bear fruit. History as it happened is slowly being changed to the "New Islamic" version. We have a generation coming up who have no concept of the high cost of their freedom. These young people who march while carrying flags of Jihad and calling for more gas chambers~and sadly, there are all too many Jews among them~have no idea of the hate, repression and horrors they are supporting.

Do your homework! Investigate for yourself what is being said below. If you are old enough to remember the "real" past, you have a duty to share it with this generation~or we will forfeit freedom and descend into the dark ages! This is real~this is now...and remember, Israel is only one step in the minds of these people. They want Islam and Sharia for the entire world! 

Speech at Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs

Itamar Marcus Speaks at Jerusalem Assembly

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

PM Netanyahu: 4th of July Message to America

Disgraceful! Mekhissi Benabbad Hits Girl Mascot Age 14

This "French" so-called athlete is actually of Algerian origin. His behaviour is beyond the pale. This is not the first time he has "pushed" someone around. At the Monaco Diamond League games last year he was involved in a fight at the finish line with Medhi Baala, which resulted in a ten month suspension.

I have several problems with this whole issue. First, athletes these days have become little more than arrogant overpaid prima donnas. They live very well indeed. Even those who claim "amateur" status live much better than most hard-working people could ever hope to. How does this represent "sportsmanship" and "love of the game"?? Whether amateur or professional, these people know the routine~perform in front of crowds~at the end of the performance (particularly if you win) the crowd~Mascots too~gather around, etc.! Part of the routine is to be "visible to the public". That is why they get the big money~to win and get kudos for "their" country.

Which brings me to the next issue: Just how many athletes are actually "true citizens" of the countries they represent? With more and more stories of athletes refusing to acknowledge the National Anthems of the country they "represent", can they really be called "citizens" and do they truly "bring pride to their country"?? Is this how you would want your country represented?

Mekhissi Benabbad and his ilk are a rotten disgrace and it is time that people stopped allowing this type of behaviour. Running fast or kicking a ball does not entitle one to eternal privilege~after all, apart from shoving around fourteen year old girls, what skills does he have to earn an honest living in this world? (Not Including Posing for Ads) My guess is "not too much". Ban the bum and give the medal to an athlete who understands sportsmanship!  
By the way~He Actually Won the Race~What if He Had Lost!

Creating "Fake" Anti-Israel Headlines with Photos

The fight to expose the hate based lies being published against Israel is on-going and Honest Reporting is on the front lines.

When the general public is screaming that Israel is apartheid, cruel and violating human rights it is an ugly thing. Have you ever wondered where they receive their information from? Have you ever done "honest" research to seek the facts? How many of you see a headline, or hear a news flash and decide to boycott? How many of you have actually come to Israel and visited the real Israel~not the "camps" used by the PA for "public relations".

The time for a reality check is now! The media seeks headlines and readership and they have sacrificed honesty to reach their goals. The Arab world has spent decades "re-writing" history in their favour. It is time to stop drinking the kool-aide! Yes~Israel has problems and we need changes, but I promise you that life is better and safer here (including for the "palestinians") than in any Arab, Islamic country~that is why they are sneaking across the borders to live here!. 

It is fine to hate Israel~that is your right, but at least hate us honestly! Take a clear look at the reality in Islamic countries, where everything Not Sharia is being destroyed! Below is just one example of how you are being hoodwinked...Watch and Learn!!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Jerusalem Light Festival 2012~Just the Free Stuff...

A few weeks ago we walked to the Old City to view the light festival. There were many venues, however, many were claiming that this year does not compare to the past years. My friend at Shearim, has posted many pictures on her site. She also makes a comparison to last year's show. Do visit her blog. 

We followed the routes on the map and while it was nice to be able to walk freely in all parts of the Old City, it was a lot of walking with not as much to see we had expected. Regardless, it was a beautiful evening, and everyone seemed to be in a happy mood.

Many times there are concerns with going into the Arab quarter of the city, but this evening, it was quite pleasant, with many vendors out offering their goods and of course lots of food and drinks!

On the way up to Jaffa gate at Tzahal Square. there was a rather odd installation called "Tubes". I really don't know how to describe it, but for some reason it reminded me of an old horror film where a large spider was creating havoc.

 There was a lot of talk about the huge dome in front of Jaffa Gate~rising twenty-three meters into the air and measuring about twenty meters across. The brochure claims it is supposed to resemble a building from the Italian Renaissance, however, it was more like a mosque, and many said they though of the dome sitting on the Temple Mount when they saw it~a lot of people were not pleased. 
Our mayor and politicians are always trying to appease the Muslim sector, but in the end they are only belittling the Jewish history of our city, which shows weakness and pleases nobody. In fact, as we walked the city~Our City~it was hard to find anything that actually represented it's Jewish nature. I keep praying that one day we will elect officials who are not ashamed of being Jews and will proudly have our heritage on display too. 

At the entrance to Jaffa Gate they handed out a brochure that included a map of the routes (below) and a description of the various venues.
We only viewed the free displays and even then, by the time we completed the route it was already past midnight. Below are pictures that I took as we walked along the (free) trails. We started at Jaffa Gate, going to the right along the Orange Trail. You can see the routes on the map (above).
Dragons & Wizards
 As we entered the Jaffa Gate there were children and adults dressed in creative dragon costumes, but I was unable to get a clear picture as they were moving and people were crowding crowding around also trying to take pictures. 

Some venues were quite interesting, such as number four on the map, the "Faces of Jerusalem" shown in the Armenian Patriarchate Street. 

A giant oval representing a face was reflected on a building. There was a continuous flow of scenes and facial expressions which was the artists idea of Jerusalem (hmmm). A couple were a bit scary and others were just strange. There were some very unusual ones, but by the time we got close enough they were gone and although we waited, after some time we decided to move on. The foot traffic did come to a stop there, so it clearly had people's attention. Here are just a few examples...

Face of Israel??
Just Strange
A Bit Scary

All With Light!
Face of Jerusalem Stone
Face of UK

Another interesting installation was the "Visual Piano" shown as Number five on the map. The music interacts with amazing 3D lighting that filled the surrounding walls and garden.

The visuals provided a sense of surreality, and no matter how many times one watched, it was amazing to see how light and reflection can change a plain old rock wall into evolving, moving things.

We wandered about and eventually ended up in Hurva Sqare, just beneath the beautifully reconstructed Hurva Synague. I remember when it was under construction and the opening. I recommend everyone try to daven there at least once.

In the square itself had an interactive sculpture of light, while surrounding it were many booths selling various fixtures and light decorations.

The light fixture rotated and changed colours as people approached. The square itself is a "central point" so it was not surprising that many people were sitting, walking and just generally enjoying the atmosphere before moving on to the Kotel, or to follow the light trails to the other venues.

One of the best features was in the Jewish Quarter, where Orange presented "Clear". A 3D video show created on the Rothschild building as music was performed on an Earth Harp. This is a massive thing which consisted of cable (strings) that ran from the stage, tens of meters to the buildings across the square. The artist, William Close, wears special gloves, with which he produces inique sounds. The video below does not do justice to the performance but does give an idea of what we saw.

The performances were continuous, with the only a five minute break between~Amazing!

During the day children play among the columns near the Cardo, but on this night the area was filled with people.  At one end was a light display which ran continuously. At the other end people were posing in front of the huge wall mural depicting life in earlier times. There was a huge crowd with everyone trying to look like they were part of the painting.

The columns and ancient rock walls are very old and of great interest. The problem when you attend something like the festival is that you really don't get a chance to take it all in. It is a site that is well worth re-visiting.

We continued to follow the "light trails" with the crowds. I have always loved strolling through the Old City at night, although, it is much nicer without the crowds of people!

The warm night was good for business for those selling food and drink. One ambitious vendor had a whole table of freshly pressed juices, and they were selling very quickly on this warm night. There is nothing like a cool, fresh fruit or nana drink!

On another corner we saw an impressive table filled with long rolls of Halva. People were crowding in as he began cutting it into squares anxious to make a purchase. I have to admit that it really looked appealing!

You can see from the map that there were many, many displays not including the venues with entrance fees. I took many pictures, but in the end there was too much to see in just a few hours.  I would recommend going for two or three nights to browse~it is also easier on the feet!

As we were following the last light trail through the Muslim quarter we noticed a house that had an impressive picture placed prominently over the door. I was told, that the picture is important because it indicates that the family has been to Mecca for the Haj. The lady of the house was very happy that we noticed the plaque and seemed pleased that we took pictures. She was dressed very modestly, and I did not want to be offensive, so did not include her in the photo.
We ended up exiting via Damascus Gate, which was a huge display in itself. Using lite and electronics the entire gate was turned into a huge pinball game!

On the upper level near the street, people were taking turns playing the game and one could watch the progress on the gate. At each side, (light) leaves began falling until the walls were solid green. It was very impressive!

Leaving the Damascus pinball behind we turned towards Jaffa Road. Along the way were a few more installations.

Many people were walking toward the "green space" which was full of benches to sit and rest. But, they were not ordinary benches, they were "light benches".

Everyone was sitting or posing for pictures as the benches changed colours from blue to shades of pink and red. It was visible for quite a distance, and gave the entire area a very peaceful feeling. Indeed, many were just relaxing and enjoying the evening.

Under the wall we spotted a bike on a small wooden stand with the wheels lit up. They were shutting down so I did not really get the idea, but apparently, when you spin the wheels the lights change colours. All we could see was a lone guard who looked a bit bored~or maybe he was just tired from standing there all night!

The very last installation titled Key Frames was actually very good! It consisted of a series of "stick men" made out of light tubes. They were "brought to life" by the tubes switching on and off combined with sound effects. There were various scenes~one was a football game. We were too tired to wait for it to run again. It was very interesting and people stayed to watch it over and over. Here is a sample:

All in all it was time well spent. This event has turned into an annual thing, and as more people become interested the displays increase. It is a great way to spend an evening or two, and see the Old City. As for the crowds, "everyone" was relaxed, and happy, and just enjoying a beautiful summer evening in Jerusalem. This year they had a number of events that  charged entrance fees~a practice I hope will not catch on. There are many people in Israel who just can't afford to pay for entertainment in these times. These displays, freely available for people to walk through are something that everyone can see and enjoy!

As they say...Next Year in Jerusalem!
Lights & Ruins
Alone on the Wall

Follow the Blue Light!
Bubble Wrap People
Closing Down

German Police Work With Saudi Religious Police~Why??

This is a very disturbing film. For tens of years huge piles of Saudi money has enabled the infiltration of a very sinister mindset into free society. Some will scream loud and long that I am racist, alarmist (and many other unprintable things) but the facts are there for any who care to see the truth. 

At first it was small things like halal food, a mosque, a madrassa and "communal" gatherings. We have graduated to "No-Go" zones~being told what to eat, drink and wear. Now, Saudi purchasing power is becoming "more effective" in a very scary sort of way.

* You can read the story and many others at Vlad Tepes.

Toronto "Pride"~What's To Be Proud Of???

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Follow the Ideology~Corruption & Executive Privilege

Conception to Birth Visualized~Amazing!

This is a wonderful example of what technology can do when properly utilized. Alexander Tsiaras gave this talk for Ted.com, a site where you can find many interesting presentations. 

There are no words to describe the miracle of life~but this visual talk given by Mr. Tsiaras gives credence to the phrase, a picture is worth a thousand words!

Alexander Tsiaras is the recipient of numerous awards, including the World Press Award, several Art Director's Awards, and the Webby Award for the best Health site on the Internet. Information on his company is available at Anatomical Travelogue. In 2009 he launched TheVisualMD.com, a revolutionary online health information site based on visual experience derived from real scans. His work has been featured on the covers of over one hundred-twenty magazines~including: LIFE, TIME, New York Times Magazine, Discover, Smithsonian, GEO, and the London Sunday Times Magazine.
There is a series of short, interesting videos featuring Mr. Tsiaras describing his journey from photographer to medical imagery at this LINK. He speaks of his ongoing curiosity, and how his work empowers people to understand the human body, as well as his latest work, which allows a doctor to use a tablet to "practice" the actual surgery he is about to perform~truly amazing!. You can find numerous online articles about his work with medical visualization and his books, which include:
* From Conception to Birth: A Life Unfolds;
* Architecture & Design of Man & Woman: The Marvel of the Human Body Revealed;
* Body Voyage: A Three-Dimensional Tour of a Real Human Body
* The InVision Guide to Lifeblood.

According to his bio, Alexander Tsiaras was thrown out of several schools, and is largely "self-taught"! (OK, so now I really feel like an underachiever) Clearly Alexander Tsiaras is a man with an extraordinary mind, but he also has a built-in curiousity and the desire to use his brain to continuously learn and discover. Do watch this presentation~and be inspired!

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