Monday, 11 June 2012

Something Worth Reading

I enjoy reading blogs from around the world. Some are just for fun and some are seriously good~among the seriously good is the blog of Omar Dakhane. I've referred to him in prior posts, one about a false picture depicting an IDF soldier terrorizing a child~Dakhane not only posted the full picture but provided the date and circumstances under which it was taken. I referenced his blog again when he wrote an interesting bit on Mitt Romney. He writes in Arabic and English and is very interesting! 

The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood clip at the bottom of this post is being run everywhere. Anyone who doesn't see the Muslim Brotherhood for what they are has blinders on, but don't listen to me~Listen to someone who speaks their language:
Omar Dakhane Blog

The illusion in which the Muslim Brotherhood lives is very hard to imagine for a normal person. Their whole political system is built upon stirring up emotions with fiery speeches that are full of superstitious promises.

What keeps them going is that they have found people who are willing to listen to them, so now they have pushed it too far and started making promises they know they surely can’t keep.

* Read the rest at Omar Dakhane's Blog HERE...

It is important to be informed on what is happening in our world. In the middle-east it is even more important to hear from those who actually speak the language and understand the culture! Too often we are swayed by the huge flashy news agencies (such as BBC) who have their own private agenda which twists facts, bans truth they don't agree with, and blatantly shoves their own version on the world.

I appreciate bloggers such a Dakhane and recommend you visit his site. Recently he posted on the trend in self-immolation which offers a very different viewpoint and a "brutally honest" opinion on the "wasted priorities" of Arab governments. 

Meanwhile, here's the latest blather from the (peaceful, secular) Muslim Brotherhood...

The Capital of the Caliphate Will Be Jerusalem (Oh Really?)

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