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The Plague of Illegal Immigrants

Poster Seen in Jerusalem
A while back I took a picture of this poster hanging on one of Jerusalem's main streets. It is not aimed at true immigrants, but rather for the swarms of illegal infiltrators who are now creeping into our city. The promise of a place to sleep, maybe a job and in an area where "there are no Israelis" is exactly what illegals look for. This is how the slums start.

Usually posters like this are the work of "organizers" who locate an isolated or abandoned place, rent it, then populate it with dozens of illegals for many times the amount of the original rent~all transactions are done in cash, with no records. Nobody dares complain because they are illegal.

What is most upsetting about this poster is that there are all too many landlords eager to do almost anything for the almighty dollar. These so-called "really cheap apartments" are usually a single room or even an old storage room, often in abandoned, or rarely used buildings located away from the mainstream.

The "renters" cover the floor with cheap mattresses where illegals can sleep in shifts. There was one such place at the end of my street. We were faced with people sleeping on the ground, washing themselves and their clothes, and going to the bathroom in front of the building. At night they hung around in surly looking groups, intimidating all who pass. This place was finally cleared out, and was in such terrible condition it had to be gutted and re-built. No doubt that each of the many who were staying there (20, 30 or more?) were handing over huge amounts of cash. This landlord, as with all landlords who operate such places are disgusting low lifes! For the sake of money they turn a blind eye to dozens of people stuffed in like sardines and living like rats. It is a shame and a disgrace!
Tel-Aviv by Bus Station~Picture by Shearim

As for "lots of money", there are all kinds of scams going on, from organized theft to prostitution. Like any "group" there are those who take charge and the others "tow the line or else". They are illegals, so who do they complain to? When the first illegals were flown out of Israel, they were well dressed and had a lot of luggage~they knew how to make money, but I suspect it was not by being upstanding citizens and doubtless there were many of their fellow countrymen who paid them outrageous sums.

The issue of illegal immigrants is everywhere, but in Israel it is turning into a plague. Our country is so small, and we are constantly being pressured to give up even more of the tiny land we have. We simply cannot accommodate people who have no regard for our country or our laws.
Illegals Make Parks Unsafe~Picture by Shearim
Israel is the "Only" Jewish country in the world. Should Israel cease to be a Jewish country, where will the Jews go? Every country in the Middle East is screaming to eliminate us. There can be no "living side by side in peace" in this neighbourhood. Once again, around the world, anti-semitism is rearing it's ugly head. Can anyone truly believe that there is a place where six million Jews would be allowed to live as Jews?

The illegals in Israel are not the helpless, oppressed people some would have you believe. None of them are Jewish~which is a prerequisite for citizenship in this country. In fact, most are Muslims, who hate Jews and are sworn to wipe us off the map~even now there are calls for a "holy" war. We should shelter those who would kill us?

Everywhere illegal Africans infiltrate is turned into a crime-ridden slum. How can it be that in Jerusalem it is no longer safe to walk home in the evening? Why should I be pushed around in the middle of the day as I walk down the sidewalk? Those calling to keep these criminals here do so from a distance. They are the same people who embraced the mother of those who slaughtered the Fogel Family in their sleep. The slumlords who are squeezing cash out of these people do not want to give up their easy money. Those who don't have to deal with the issue on a daily basis ignore reality. If they had their posh areas over run we would see an immediate outcry and no doubt planes would be loaded up on an hourly basis.

Finn Street, Tel Aviv~Picture by Shearim
There is only one answer. Don't build any facilities to house them~the money should be used to build homes for Jewish citizens! Send All Illegals Back~NO bonus money, NO special treatment.

This should also apply to illegal Philippines who come for economic reasons, stay after their visas expire, have children and then demand citizenship. They do not respect us,  and many even have the chutzpah to attempt to convert Jews to xtianity. They hold no loyalty at all to the Jewish nature of our country. They, like the Africans and any other illegals should be deported at once.

A last word to all the bleeding hearts (including Bibi's airhead wife): These people chose to have children here and use them as an "anchor" to claim residency. For every "cute little one" that the press is so eager to photograph, there are parents and other "not so cute" siblings as well as a whole string of "family" in their home countries waiting for a chance to be "re-united"~in Israel of course! These people knew the rules when they came but chose to ignore them. If they were allowed to stay, why should we believe they would obey any other laws?

To those who say I am cruel, or even racist, remember, no other county wants these people either (they've been asked). For the Africans, their fellow "Muslim brothers" will not accept a single one~in Egypt they shoot them at the border!

***The pictures of Tel Aviv are from Shearim where you will find many articles on illegals. Scroll down to the Search Box on the right and type in Africans.

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