Monday, 21 May 2012

Yom Yerushalayim~Jerusalem Re-United 45 Years !

Picture by M. Woelke~Shearim
Today people of all ages, from Jerusalem and all of Israel marched from the Jerusalem Great Synagogue on the famous King George Street to the Kotel in the Old City of Jerusalem.

The throngs of joyful people were  accompanied by music, dancing, flags and balloons. The re-unification of our Holy City is always cause for great celebrations, and yet we must never forget the sacrifice made to liberate her.

I was unable to attend this year, but my friend followed the parade and has posted many pictures HERE and HERE along with the story. Do go to Shearim~it is a great site!

For the Old City of Jerusalem, the rebuilding and re-vitalization is a joy to see! The great Hurva Synagogue has been restored and is once again in use, as are many other synagogues that were destroyed in the wars that were fought for Jerusalem. People stream to the Kotel day and night to pray, laugh, cry, celebrate and place tiny slips of paper in the  cracks of the ancient stones.
Jerusalem~It is Life!

Before all of this could take place, however, Israel had to battle against a massive coordinated attack by three Arab states, Jordan, Syria and Egypt. I found the film below on the site constructivereconcil. This may well be one of the best films on Middle East politics in the history of the region. The rhetoric against Israeli "aggression" is seen in a new light when the facts of what they faced during those six days of 1967 is examined...

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