Monday, 7 May 2012

Israel, You and the Facts~The Spielberg Film Archive

Although this film is from 1979, some will be shocked to see that nothing has changed~except perhaps for the rapid rise of the Anti-Israel movement and the utter failure of Jews in the Diaspora to see the collective danger in embracing the enemy. 

I speak of those Jews who march with Arab enemies and scream that Israel is apartheid, and call for her downfall. What could possibly be going on in their heads? Are they truly so misinformed, or are they just completely filled with self loathing? Where would diaspora Jews be if there was no Israel? Do they think the Arabs they march with (and for) will embrace them if Israel is no more? 

Before you answer, consider history. In no instance have Jews ever been safe under Arab rule. You only need watch the films in the Spielberg Archive or read blogs by Jewish refugees from Arab countries. Better still, listen to the Arabs themselves declare that there will never be peace until Israel and All Jews are Destroyed!

Please watch and listen carefully~and think! Those who are quick to condemn Israel need to go back and learn the facts. Everything in this film is true and valid today, except the numbers, which have doubled and the threats to Israel which are even greater.

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