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David Gerald Littman "Silent Hero"~1933 to 2012

On 20 May 2012, in Switzerland, a very courageous man passed from this world after a long battle with leukemia. Historian and Human Rights Activist, David Gerald Littman (04 July 1933 to 20 May 2012) was a brilliant and unique individual. The tribute at This LINK is well worth reading.

Together with his wife of fifty-three years, Gisele Orebi (better known as Bat Ye’or) David Littman worked indefatigably to educate the world about the growing genocidal, living legacy of jihadism.

 Perhaps before anyone else, he perceived that the UN was being taken over by the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation), the largest "voting" block of countries (2nd only to the UN itself in number). The OIC consists of fifty-six "Islamic" states plus the "Palestinians". * It should be noted that the OIC web site now claims to be fifty-seven states. I guess they are confident that their goal of replacing Israel with "Palestine" is a done deal. The OIC votes as a unit, which (if you take time to examine the UN) you will see has given them control in many areas (ie. UNHRC). Take closer look at what has been (slowly, slowly) going on behind the polished doors, and you will see that "Creeping Sharia" is solidly embedded in the UN.
David Littman realized what was happening more than twenty years ago!!
David~Diana~Giselle Littman
Do read up about this well funded, insidious bloc. Be aware that their sophisticated site is constantly being groomed to appeal to all of the dhimmi infidels. Muslims are experts in taqiyya (aka BS).

David and his wife Gisele started their "careers" in helping others as a young couple in 1961. When he volunteered for an humanitarian mission, he thought he would be working for the Jewish Agency~but he was actually assisting Mossad in what became known as Operation Mural~a clandestine plan to smuggle Jewish children out of Morocco which saw 530 Jewish children taken to Israel.

The 3rd film below is the 2007 movie "Operation Mural Casablanca 1961" which retraces Davids steps as he worked to smuggle the children to Israel, under the guise of a holiday trip to Switzerland~a precursor to the emigration of 100,000 Moroccan Jews. The film is in Hebrew, English and French with sub-titles in English. *Note* If the film is slow you can watch it on VIMEO at this LINK.

On 01 July 2009, David was awarded the "Hero of Silence Award" the highest intelligence honor from the State of Israel. 
There is so much to the life of this man a book or two is needed~one small article cannot begin to scratch the surface~so I selected a few clips to give you and idea of how David battled the evils of Islam right to the end. 

The first clip shows his efforts at the UNHRC challenging their hypocrisy and inaction on topics such as ethnic cleansing of Christians and Jews from Arab countries, modern day slavery of Africans by Arab countries, female genital mutilation, apostasy laws, hate speech, anti-semitism and more!

The second clip is a very revealing look into the UN and how, the force of the OIC bloc combine to prevent him from even "speaking" of Islamic atrocities. They use "point of order" to prevent him from presenting his report. Between the various sessions David gives some insight into the corruption and points out that for more than twenty years the UN has been infiltrated by the very people they should be fighting against!

We all need to pay attention to what is happening at the UN and EU. Now that David Littman is no longer with us, who will take up the torch? Who will battle the evil that is encroaching on the entire civilized world? Billions of Dollars go into their evil, corrupt coffers to muzzle our free speech and force the medieval practice of sharia on the world.
 David Gerald Littman, our Silent Hero, will be sorely missed
 Baruch Dayan HaEmet 

Some Highlights at UNHRC

At the UN~Persevering Against the OIC Corruption

Operation Mural Casablanca 1961~English Sub-Titles

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