Sunday, 22 April 2012

Please Help Preserve the Caanan Dog of Israel!

I happened upon this story by accident. It concerns the preservation of the Caanan dogs of Israel, recognized as Israel’s national breed. 

It is one of the oldest dogs dating back thousands of years to the ancient Caananites.

After forty-two years in the same location, devoting all of their efforts and funds to the preservation of this dying breed, the Shaar Hagai Kennels are destined to be shut down. 

They are in a remote location~not bothering anyone. The area around is now a national park, and by law it is not allowed to live in a national park, however, Shaar Hagai has been there for forty-two years (paying taxes). When they first moved there, the area was not a national park~that was declared some years later, and the buildings were already there--originally built by the British for people to live in.

The eviction is not to erect houses or buildings, and the land was not "previously owned". It seems that after first ignoring Shaar Hagai, then refusing to even mediate, the authorities have decided to evict them~for the sole purpose of demolishing her life's work~nothing more! The details are HERE.

I received an email asking all to share a request for support, so I am posting it here. I urge you to visit the Website and Blog, to learn about this unique operation, then, sign the petition in support of the kennels being allowed to continue.

...And of course, Please share this letter from Shaar Hagai with all your friends!

Hi -
Join me in helping preserve the Canaan dog breeding grounds in Israel.

Shaar Hagal Kennels has worked tirelessly for over 40 years rehabilitating and preserving Canaan dogs, Israel's national breed. But, despite all of her hard work, Shaar is in grave danger of being evicted from her Israeli home.

The Israel Government Lands Authority is going to compromise everything Shaar has worked for by evicting her and her dogs. They will have nowhere else to go if they are forced to move away.

Shaar's home is one of the last Canaan breeding grounds in the world. We cannot let them destroy it. Sign this petition and help save Shaar and her Canaan dogs today!

Thanks for taking action!

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