Thursday, 3 May 2012

Pallywood~How the World is Buying Into a Lie...

Just like Hollywood, "Pallywood" has become the Arab Capital of the world in the business of promoting fake nationalism, attacks by Israelis, evictions and even murders. With the aid of computer technology the Arabs have created their own version of reality~Pallywood.

They manipulate photographs and films of Israel, and stage scenes for international news coverage.They insert subtitles and soundtracks in Arabic, to give the unsuspecting viewer (many of whom are students "learning" about the Mid-East conflict) the notion that the flourishing deserts and hills~the result of over 100 years of Jewish struggle and hard work~actually belong to them, the Arab drifters who originally came from the surrounding Arab countries seeking work~after the Jews brought the land to life.

How fitting that the opening (fake) scene was dramatically televised by 60 Minutes. Watch carefully, and learn how easy it is to be deceived.

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