Sunday, 12 January 2014

The Holocaust Documentary~Script by Alfred Hitchcock

I decided to bring this film forward. Memories fade with time and there are those who would rather not remember at all.

There was no place for these survivors to go. They had nothing, entire families were lost, their home countries did not want them, they were sick. For these people, Jews, there was no UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency~Which is For "Palestinian Arabs" Only). The Jews were on their own.

For many, the only hope was to make their way to the Holy Land~in those days known as British Mandate Palestine. The British, sided with the Arab hordes and turned Jews away. This time, the Jews decided to fight back~an the rest (as they say) was history.

In April 1945, a number of camera crews accompanied the American, Canadian and British armies as they entered the death camps in the Rhineland. There, they filmed the grisly horror of the Nazi Death/Concentration camps. The film was stored in the archives of the imperial war museum in London. 

The directors, who included Alfred Hitchcock, developed a script to go with the film, but the resulting documentary remained unfinished~hidden for decades because it was deemed unsuitable and unfit for viewing by the general public. This is the unedited version which was presented by Frontline. The film is grainy and in some parts there is no sound--because This is REAL!

These are the horrors that took place during WWII. These are facts! Those who deny need to watch carefully. Those who remained untouched, have perhaps lost their humanity.

We Cannot Let the World Forget, or it Will Happen Again~Look at Our World Today...

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