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After Four Years~A Happy Ending

I like a good story with a happy ending and recently I found a great one at a blog called omidog! As you may surmise, the blog is about dogs~and of course there are many great stories~but for me this was a special story with a happy ending. First, I want to remind you of the background...

Some time ago, I posted a story about NFL Footballer Michael Vick and his arrest and conviction for dog-fighting. The cold, deliberate cruelty with which he beat, electrocuted (and murdered) his animals is something that I find very hard to understand. Yes, he went to jail, and served his time. I question if it was actually "difficult" for him. He was released early, apparently in good enough shape to get "back in the game" and to continue making millions of dollars. On February 5th 2011, Vick was given the key to the city of Dallas by Deputy Mayor Dwayne Carroway. (Seriously!?!)

That horror story was followed by  The Face of Dog Fighting, which showed an up-close view of the horror these animals are forced to endure (many do not survive)

To be fair, you should know that Michael Vick made commercials for the US Humane Society (See the two videos at the end of this post). I heard he now speaks to young people against fighting dogs. For that he should be commended. You should also know that the public for the most part is unaware of the prevalence of dog fighting. In a 60 Minutes story on the Vick case, the head of USHS said there are over 40,000 "professional" dog fighting groups and more than 100,000 street fighting groups spread all over the country among all types of people, regardless of race or wealth. It is a real epidemic of cruelty and blood lust.

I have seen interviews with Vick, and it is impossible to know who he really is. I see a good looking young man, with an amazing Gd-given talent who claims he has changed and wants to work to stop dog-fighting. Of course, he has a team of lawyers and advisers to counsel him on his public image and it must be successful as once again, he is a "hero". Many say that he only does this as part of his probation~release, etc. That may be so, BUT, only Michael Vick and Gd know what is really in his heart.  

By now you must be thinking this is depressing~where's the happy ending?. The first video below is about one of Michael Vick's dogs. Little Red was one of a group of twenty-two dogs sent to Best Friends Animal Society. Now, more than four years later she has been rehabilitated and finally has a "forever home"

While her story is heartwarming, never forget what this poor dog suffered. Dog fighting, or any abuse of animals is obscene~they cannot speak out for themselves~and it is up to us, as humans to insure that abuse is stopped. You may not be able to adopt an animal, but you can volunteer a few hours at a rescue center, support a good animal society or even donate a bag of food~but most importantly, Speak Out if you see cruelty or abuse. Those who abuse animals generally graduate towards abuse of people.

* Follow the link to omidog! to read the full story...

Enjoy the Happy Ending For Little Red!

Some Details: For Those Who Don't Know

Sixty-six dogs were removed from Michael Vick's Bad Newz Kennelz. Rather than have them destroyed a decision was made to try and rehabilitate them and hopefully find families to give them homes. The challenges to deal with physical and emotional problems and turn these abused dogs into family pets were huge. Twenty-two of the dogs with the worst problems were taken in by Dog Town, which is part of the Best Friends Animal Society, located in Southern Utah. Best Friends is situated on 33,000 acres and is the largest no-kill shelter of its kind~they take every type of animal for rehabilitation~no matter how sick or traumatized.

For those who are interested, what follows is a documentary tracking the progress of the Vicktory Dogs who were rescued from Michael Vick's Bad Newz Kennelz. There are nine~five minute sections~well worth watching. After Part 9, you can view the commercials Michael Vick made for the Humane Society. Regardless of what you think of Michael Vick, the Dog Fighting Industry is criminal and unbelievably sickening and cruel~everybody needs to speak against those who participate and profit by it.

Dog Town~Michael Vick Pitbull Rescue Part 1

Dog Town~Michael Vick Pitbull Rescue Part 2

Dog Town~Michael Vick Pitbull Rescue Part 3

Dog Town~Michael Vick Pitbull Rescue Part 4

Dog Town~Michael Vick Pitbull Rescue Part 5

Dog Town~Michael Vick Pitbull Rescue Part 6

Dog Town~Michael Vick Pitbull Rescue Part 7

Dog Town~Michael Vick Pitbull Rescue Part 8

Dog Town~Michael Vick Pitbull Rescue Part 9

Michael Vick Speaks for the HSUS

Michael Vick Stands Up For Animals

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