Sunday, 29 April 2012

Hogwash? Have Things Gotten Out of Control?

I happened on this story by clicking a wrong link. Myself, I don't eat pork as it isn't kosher, but there are many people who love the smell of bacon in the morning.

The fine points of this issue are beyond me, but here are two videos to give you some background, and you can follow the links below for more information. Don't ask why I am posting this, it just seems like a good thing to do...

Apparently "mass producers" who raise pigs under horrific conditions (see video) are trying to put "humane" home based pork farmers out of business. It sounds horrible. One has to ask just where the PETA people are when you need them.

What I find particularly ugly about this story is that people are going to loose their livelihood. With all the financial woes in America and the world, is it good policy to put family businesses out of work? Just what is a farmer supposed to do to support his family if he can't farm?

You can get full information at Bakers Green Acres. They have a blog to keep people informed as well as a petition that anyone can sign. Maybe it is time all the "little people" start standing together to protect the things that are important, like family, small businesses, farms...

Nigel Farage~Euro Break-Up Just a Question of How

The EU and The FU...Farage is Good!

Saturday, 28 April 2012

The Ugly Truth~Rumors of War III

Iran's motto is "Death to America and Death to Israel", yet the Obama administration insists that the Iranian regime is a rational one. Do watch this film to the end~and think carefully about what is being said, and what is happening right now!

Thursday, 26 April 2012

IDF Combat Fighter Sings About Battle Trauma

* Translation from Arutz 7
Fighters’ Pain
First night alone, I sit and write you a letter
About everything that happened, what exactly happened

Letters appear on the wall; "I am fear, nice to meet you"
The characters like to play
They move here in the empty house

And you do not know how much I tried to hide from you
The nightmares. The screams and blood on the uniform
You do not understand that I am no longer me
The pictures from that night are running
The tears, the pain of the warriors

It’s the first night you're there, I lie there thinking, I do not fall asleep
The silence is slowly playing I dedicate to you a song with no name
A song with no name.

A Tribute to the IDF (Israel Defense Forces)

In Case You Were Wondering~This is Why We Need Our IDF...

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

PA Arabs Attack Israel~And Israel's Response Is?

Today in Arutz 7 there is a story of a Palestinian Authority Arab, (without a work permit) who called a cab in Tel Aviv.  He paid the fare in advance, but at the end of the ride he decided to brutally stab the driver. 

The same article reminds us that last week another Arab stabbed a yeshiva student in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Shimon HaTzadik, while earlier in the month an Arab terrorist used an axe to attack a 65-year-old man near the Damascus Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem. Another article states that PA Arabs fired at the IDF soldiers who accompanied Jews praying at Joseph's Tomb, and while Israel marked Yom HaZikaron (Memorial Day), the Arabs at Hebrew U decided to hold a pro-terrorist event on campus.

We must not forget the rockets from Gaza (over 200 in March 2012), or the poor "youths" who spend their days attacking Israeli vehicles on the road with rocks and bricks. 

There are more, this is only what is reported by a few Israeli papers, the majority of the media ignores them completely. 

Where oh where are the Human Rights and Peace groups when you need them?

Some of you may ask how Israel retaliates. Well, they have been very busy~doing more research and development for ways to help us all. In Israel's Silicon Valley, a new 3D Intel Chip has just been released. Quote: "The Ivy Bridge processor also improves computer storage while using less power, allowing computers to respond faster."

And, at Microsoft Israel R & D Center’s fourth annual Think Next 2012 Conference in Tel Aviv, another interesting new technology, named Alice, was on display.  You can see the demonstration video below.

All of the above are "typical" here in Israel, yet, for some reason, at the UN, EU and in countries all over the globe, there are those who insist that all the worlds problems are because of the only democratic state in the middle-east. Israel is far from perfect, and there is a lot that needs fixing. That being said, why is there such a determined refusal to allow Israel to just "be"?
Why is it that the "Palestinians" are never called out for their hatred and continued demand that Israel be destroyed?

...Please don't deny it
Just look at the "official" photo (only one of many) taken of Mahmud Abbas with a map showing Palestine as ALL of Israel and listen to his speeches claiming not a single Jew will step foot on Palestinian land~it is kind of a give away...

Why isn't anyone listening to what is being said on Arab TV and news. How about the hatred being taught to their children from birth?

The story has been one sided for too long. Isn't it time to face the truth, and call out the hate mongers and terrorists? Why not hit them with the truth for a change?

Mirror Mirror on the Wall...

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Please Help Preserve the Caanan Dog of Israel!

I happened upon this story by accident. It concerns the preservation of the Caanan dogs of Israel, recognized as Israel’s national breed. 

It is one of the oldest dogs dating back thousands of years to the ancient Caananites.

After forty-two years in the same location, devoting all of their efforts and funds to the preservation of this dying breed, the Shaar Hagai Kennels are destined to be shut down. 

They are in a remote location~not bothering anyone. The area around is now a national park, and by law it is not allowed to live in a national park, however, Shaar Hagai has been there for forty-two years (paying taxes). When they first moved there, the area was not a national park~that was declared some years later, and the buildings were already there--originally built by the British for people to live in.

The eviction is not to erect houses or buildings, and the land was not "previously owned". It seems that after first ignoring Shaar Hagai, then refusing to even mediate, the authorities have decided to evict them~for the sole purpose of demolishing her life's work~nothing more! The details are HERE.

I received an email asking all to share a request for support, so I am posting it here. I urge you to visit the Website and Blog, to learn about this unique operation, then, sign the petition in support of the kennels being allowed to continue.

...And of course, Please share this letter from Shaar Hagai with all your friends!

Hi -
Join me in helping preserve the Canaan dog breeding grounds in Israel.

Shaar Hagal Kennels has worked tirelessly for over 40 years rehabilitating and preserving Canaan dogs, Israel's national breed. But, despite all of her hard work, Shaar is in grave danger of being evicted from her Israeli home.

The Israel Government Lands Authority is going to compromise everything Shaar has worked for by evicting her and her dogs. They will have nowhere else to go if they are forced to move away.

Shaar's home is one of the last Canaan breeding grounds in the world. We cannot let them destroy it. Sign this petition and help save Shaar and her Canaan dogs today!

Thanks for taking action!

Danish Agitation in Israel

All I can say to Michael Coren is Thank You... 

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The Dawn of the Century~This is Amazing!

Listen to Truth~A Great Interview!

*Hat Tip to Blazing Cat Fur...

Telling It Like It Is!

The clip is a bit shaky and you will hear some "strange growling comments" from around the camera~but it is the words of Allen West  that are important. 

I am constantly impressed with West's devotion to America, it's founding principles and the Armed Forces, who are constantly under attack these days. He is proud of his country and and not ashamed to say so.  I love the fact that has the American Flag present whenever he can see his pride in it.

This is a man who is does not hesitate to speak the truth. He is down to earth and smart--notice he has No Teleprompter!  Allen West must be on to something~as a newly elected member to congress he gets a lot of attention (mostly from the left and their media minions) who appear to have an unusually vitriolic hatred for him. I've said it before, and I'll say it again~I like him!

Do take the time to Listen to the points he makes~Then Take Time To Think About It!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

I Hate Israel but I Don't Hate Jews = Oxymoron

Hate is Being Preached in German Schools

Muslims teaching hate is not new, but when Germany started allowing Islamic classes in the schools (to help Muslims integrate of course) they did not think it would backfire. The video below shows that the teaching consists of condemnation for everything and everyone "non-Muslim".

This is not the first time there have been reports of Muslim hatred, but usually it is between foreigners and German students and teachers. Now, for whatever reason, it appears that Germany is installing "hate-teachers".

If they don't pull their heads out of the sand it will soon be too late. The children being taught this unreasonable hatred will soon be the adults of tomorrow, and will have a majority voting block~Germany will never be the same. Witness England where the vile George Galloway was ousted from parliament but has now been elected by a Muslim majority in Bradford West, to once again ply his evil ways on the public dime. 

This is the trend as "political correctness" screams its mantra across the continents, as it is not much better in North America. It is almost unbelievable that the very countries who fought so furiously for freedom and rights are now bowing their heads to medieval tyranny~all in the name of "political correctness" and "multiculturalism"

Political correctness has evolved into extreme idiocy, and it is Not multiculturalism when one is forced to forfeit their own culture and religion to foreign infiltrators who have no desire to integrate or to be part of a "multicultural" society. Think About It...

This Ends Now! Synonymous with Israel (Wow!)

"Maybe" Is Not Good Enough...

* Hat Tip to Daphne Anson Blog (Sorry about the Commercial!)

Monday, 9 April 2012

Elvis is Still The King~In Israel...(Bumped)

I bumped this story from last year after seeing an article in YNet, that a tour of the Holy Land is being sponsored by Elvis Presley Enterprises. The Elvis Diner, or Elvis Inn as many call it has been a landmark for years, and yes, it is definitely worth a visit!. 

If you are in Israel, take the the Neve Ilan exit off the highway between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. There, situated between Tel Ha Shomer, the Arab village of Abu Ghosh, and the Christian moshav of Yad Hashmona,  is a very unique place. 

That place is The Elvis Inn. You can't miss it because in front of it stands a five meter tall golden statue of the King, that was erected in 1997. This is in addition to the statue that was erected in 1989, which, at the time, was the worlds tallest at four meters.

Recently, I tagged along when my friends David and Daniel, paid a visit to this unique cafe to learn more. By the way, (as a point of interest), David and Daniel's brother, Joshua, helped make the feet of Elvis!
Sit & Have a Coffee With the King!
In addition to shooting the video below, the guys sampled a good old fashioned Elvis Burger. Despite the heat I insisted on a coffee which is served up in mugs with a signature picture of (you guessed it) on the front. The tradition at the Elvis Inn~to this day, is that when you order a hot drink you keep the mug~and now we all have ours!

David sat down with Amir, son of owner Yuri Yoeli, to learn more about the beginnings of the Elvis Inn. The Yoeli family made Aliyah from Georgia (formerly part of the Soviet Union). In 1974, Amir's father Yuri, and his brother Amnon, purchased what was then a truck stop called the Mountain Inn (Pundak Haharim).

Over 1,728 Pictures of The King!

Uri Yoeli had always been an Elvis Presley fan. However, when he married, he learned that his wife was not quite as fond of the King as he was.

There were two Elvis portraits in his house and his wife declared she was having none of that, and they must go. Uri took his pictures to his cafe, where they were mounted by the cash register.

The Menu

As the story goes, when Uri was in Tel Aviv one day he overheard two cab drivers planning to meet up at "The Elvis". Curious he asked for the location and was surprised to find it was his own cafe they were talking about! From that point on, the cafe became known as The Elvis Inn and the transformation back to the days of  the King of Rock-n-Roll began in earnest.

When you enter the restaurant you are  transported to the 50's.  Four life-sized Elvis statues are scattered around the premises in various poses, sitting at a table, strumming a guitar, and, in general watching over the place.

Watching Over the Booths...
The juke box plays non-stop Elvis tunes and as one gazes about you see approximately 1,728 pictures mounted on every available surface~more than half of the photos are gifts from fans and friends around the world.

With a mixture of American Diner and Israeli  dishes, there is something for everyone.

Everything is Elvis~From the menus to the souvenirs that you can buy on the way out.

The place mats are imprinted in Hebrew and English with  background and trivia (about The King, of course!) Napkins, and even the sugar packets boast the profile of the Great One--and it is very hard to deface one by opening it!
The Elvis Inn is a pilgrimage site for many, and has been host to some very famous people, including members of the American 6th fleet, Michael Jackson, Sylvester Stallone, Joe Cocker, Sting and needless to say, an untold number of Elvis Impersonators. 

On the anniversary of his birthday (08 January 1935) and his yahrzeit (16 August 1977) Elvis lovers and impersonators from across Israel and abroad, make the pilgrimage to the Elvis Inn to celebrate.

Amir told David that The Elvis Inn receives more than 5,000 letters and queries a year from around the world and there are traditions and legends galore!

Many claim that Elvis was in fact Jewish, based on his Jewelry. At one point he wore a Magen David, and he was also pictured with the letter "chay" (life) around his neck~but he also wore many other symbols including  jeweled crosses.

His great-grandmother (shown on the family tree) was said to be one fourth Jewish.

There is a rumour that Elvis was a "Shabbos Goy" for his Jewish neighbours when he was young man. He did have a fondness for Israel  that remained strong throughout his life. 

Life Size!
One famous legend tells of the massive fire of 03 July 1995. The flames raged through the Jerusalem corridor, but passed right over the Elvis Inn~many fans considered this a miracle...

       It has become a tradition is for many newlyweds to come to the Inn to be photographed sitting and standing next to the  one of the statues of the King,

Next time you are in the area, drop in for a burger and a bit of nostalgia! And don't forget to order a hot drink!

For your pleasure, here is the video from the visit to The Elvis Inn (including the kitchen). The history of the inn and some bits of trivia (about the King) is relayed to David by Amir Yoeli...Enjoy!

A Visit to The Elvis Inn (Israel)

Faith And Destiny~The Miracle of Israel

Almost everyone knows Rabbi Berel Wein~a scholar, historian and educator admired for his lectures, books and films. He is rabbi of Beit Knesset HaNasi in Jerusalem. If you are ever in Jerusalem for Shabbat, Rabbi Wein gives a drasha right after davening.

In one of his lectures on Holocaust denial he said:
"People who have no story are doomed to disappear. For many, what took place in Israel before 1948 is a blank, and a vacuum, where denial thrives and exists.

...All the museums and documentaries in the world will not preserve the Jewish people if they don't know their own story."

To that end Rabbi Wein has worked tirelessly to accurately document, record and preserve our story~the story of the Jewish people so that we can tell and re-tell it to our children and grandchildren...and they in turn will have their story to share and hold on to for all time.

These amazing films are a "must see" for everyone~Jews and non-Jews alike...

Faith And Destiny~The Miracle of Israel Part 1

Faith And Destiny~The Miracle of Israel Part 2

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Then and Now~A Tour of Sweden (Oh My!!)

Tenth Anniversary of Netanya Park Hotel Massacre

On 27 March 2002, Israeli citizens (most of them elderly) were attending a traditional Passover meal at Netanya's Park Hotel.

As the evening began, a suicide bomber, Abdel-Basset Odeh, from a Hamas terror cell in Tulkarm, detonated a large device packed with explosives and shards of metal. The resulting blast killed twenty-two people immediately~with eight more succumbing to their wounds after terrible suffering. A total of thirty people died and dozens more than 100 were injured.  **See Video Below

It was revealed that Abbas Al-Sayed, was involved in planning the Park Hotel bombing down to the minutest details, from checking the bomber's explosives belt to helping him write his will and making a video of him reading it.
PA Award for Murdering Jewish Senior Citizens

In 2011, just before Passover, the Palestinian Authority decided to honor the terrorist responsible for masterminding the Park Hotel "Passover Massacre"

On 28 March 2011, Issa Karake (Palestinian Authority Minister of Prisoners' Affairs), visited the family of Abbas Al-Sayed, to award them with an official gold plaque, in celebration of the Anniversary of the Massacre~to mark the upcoming Jewish festival of Passover.

Despite the Palestinian claims that they are committed to end the glorification of terrorists and incitement to violence their actions prove otherwise. Prior to glorifying Al-Sayed, the Palestinian leadership named a youth soccer competition in Ramallah after Wafa Idris, the first female suicide bomber. The peaceful Palestinian leadership also named a square in El Bireh (as well as two schools and a summer camp) in honor of Dalal Mughrabi, commander of the 11 March 1978 massacre on Israel's coastal road. Thirty-eight civilians (thirteen of them children) were murdered in that attack, and seventy-one were wounded.

The UN, EU, USA and Canada (among others) continue to pump billions of dollars into the fake entity created by terrorist Yassar Arafat. These tax dollars go towards many projects~among them is the monthly salary paid to prisoners in Israeli jails. A law signed and published in the official Palestinian Authority Registry in April 2011, formalized what had long been a PA practice, of putting all Palestinians and Israeli Arabs imprisoned in Israel for terror crimes on the PA payroll to receive a monthly salary.

The Palestinian Authority pays them according to the length of their sentence and severity of the crime (ie) killing Jews. Car thieves get nothing~only terror qualifies. The PA also pays stipends to the families of terrorists for housing, medical and other expenses. The US pays about fifty percent of these funds, while the rest comes primarily from European Union member nations.

Funding for text books used in PA schools (many run by UNWRA) comes from around the world. Sadly, these schools, along with daily Palestinian TV programs teach lies, hatred and jihad. From the day they are born, children in the Palestinian Authority are fed hatred, lies and promises of paradise for "killing Jews"~it is no surprise that they "grow up to become terrorists".

The Real Reason There Can Be No Peace Between Israel And The "Palestinian Authority" Is Their Own Sick Devotion to Hatred, Lies, Terror and Murder...

In his site, blogger Elder of Ziyon posts a link to the Hamas Palestine Times article celebrating the tenth anniversary of the slaughter~complete pictures. It appears that Hamas deems the blowing up senior citizens during a Passover Meal to be an act of courage. There are no words...

Below are the pictures and names of those whose lives were lost as a result of the barbaric, cowardly attack on the Park Hotel. As we prepare for Pesach this year, please take time to remember them, and the suffering families in your prayers.

* For information on these dear people, click the names...

* Table of Pictures from Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs







Andre Fried

Idit Fried





Dvora Karim






Furuk Na’imi


Irit Rashel




Sivan Vider


Ernest Weiss

Eva Weiss



Families of Bombing Victims Recall the Horror of That Night

Memorial Service for Families of Victims

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