Sunday, 4 March 2012

Daylight: The Story of Obama and Israel

This is an election year for the USA. Iran has declared it is close to achieving their goal of developing nuclear weapons, the Arab world is in an uproar with extremist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood taking over and bringing Sharia law into force.

Israel is subject of constant Boycotts and in the past years the hatred has grown. We are being pressured to give up more land~but the "PA" is not even asked to hold up their end of the original agreements from Oslo. Now, Israel is being blamed for all the world troubles~Why?

My friends, please watch this film. Do your own research! Read the charters of the Arab countries surrounding Israel~they all call for our destruction! Read about the OIC, an organization of Arab countries that is now the largest voting block (56 countries plus the PA) at the UN~They were established to insure the elimination of Israel! Read the original documents of Balfour, San Remo and read how time and again the Arab world has refused to honor every agreement, while asking for more and more concessions.

Why are the Muslim extremists suddenly so bold? Why are they so sure that they will at last achieve their goal of eliminating Israel from the face of the earth? Could it be, that the current pResident has given them this bravado by weakening America to the point where the enemy sees victory? He has supported sharia and terror, he has alienated allies while clawing back freedom in the USA, bankrupting the country, weakening the US Military (once the greatest fighting force in the world), while Islam proclaims, that after Israel falls America will be next. How can this be happening? The world is surely inside out.

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