Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Could it be True? Obama's Birth Certificate NOT Authentic

How does a person get elected to the highest office in the USA? What kind of checks and balances are in place to insure that only eligible, qualified citizens of the United States of America can be elected?

Most people would assume these questions and more, are dealt with long before election day. In the case of the current "occupant" of the white house, this may not be true.

I admit that I have never cared for Barak Hussein Obama, and now that he has been in office for three years I am convinced that my first impressions were correct. Never, would I have imagined that a US President would do so much damage to his own country! Ruining the financial status for the first time ever, grovelling before despots and terrorists while giving the impression he is ashamed of his own country, disrespecting the heroes of the Armed Forces of America, alienating and throwing allies under the bus, refusing to buy ethical oil from a neighbour and ally, in favour of oil from the Middle East and Venezuela, embracing sharia culture while silencing free speech (and every faith except Islam), forbidding security people to "Name" those who would destroy America, and  turning every challenge to his actions into a "racial" issue~in a country that has done more to insure equality than almost any other in the world~I could go on...

The news conference (2nd clip) is interesting. The "media" refuses to consider the facts presented, and immediately start accusing~watch the question session at the end of the conference. I am sure that we will soon see all of the investigators involved put under a microscope with their lives laid bare in front of the world~it will be ugly. How long before someone screams racist?

What people should be asking are basics. Why is it that there was never an original birth certificate in the first place? Why has the pResident spent millions of dollars sealing every bit of information on himself prior to his election? Why is there nobody that remembers him from schools or university? Not even a single friend or girl-friend? Not a teacher who "remembers" teaching the man who rose to become the first black American president?

Seriously, I have no idea if this is true or just another one of the "conspiracy type" stories~it is certainly possible to "alter" or even destroy old records. This story may well be "theory fever".  BUT~If it is True~Someone's got a lot of 'splainin to do!

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