Thursday, 2 February 2012

Lies, Lies and More Lies...Hate Knows No Bounds...

The Great Lie
I wonder how many people have viewed the photo of a small girl lying on the street--a soldier with a weapon standing over her with his boot on her chest?  The incriminating caption read: "An Israeli soldier puts his foot on her chest and aims his gun at this palestinian (sic) girl" It was uploaded by one W Muhammad to Facebook~Gee, I wonder if he hates Israel?

Do You Believe or Care that it's a Blatant Lie??

Very few people bother to look closely at posted pictures~especially when they are demonizing Israel and the IDF. As the story in Arutz 7 explains, people immediately started pointing out the reasons it could NOT be an Israeli soldier. But of course, those who hate, also hate truth more than anything else.

Interestingly, it was another Facebook user, Omar Dakhane, who resolved the issue by posting a copy of the original photo from which the falsified picture was cropped, on a separate page on the site. Dakhane noted in a caption under the photo, "Don't believe everything you see on the Internet. This picture was taken in Bahrain 2009 during a street theater."

The picture was taken down by Facebook, but it and the hatred it has spawned will continue to be circulated. The pillowcase full of feathers has been thrown off the mountainside, and it is impossible to collect all the feathers again.

For anyone interested in truth, here is the original picture. Please share the true picture, and  do send a thank you to Omar Dakhane
Bahrain Street Theatre 2009~NOT an Israeli Soldier

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