Friday, 20 January 2012

This is Too Good to Pass Up...

Newt Gingrich is getting a reputation for speaking out and he is pulling no punches here. 

The issue of the Keystone pipeline to bring affordable energy to the USA from their friendly neighbour to the north could have been a great thing. Instead, this pResident, has just killed a deal to have Canadian Ethical Oil shipped across the border in favour of oil bought at high prices (and who knows what else) from the very Middle-East countries who have killed, are killing and have sworn to continue killing Americans until Sharia rules in the white house and the world. The thousands of jobs the new pipeline would have generated?~down the crapper of course.

One has to ask just what obummer plans to do next? You guessed it~He's going to Disney World! Disneys' "main street" will be closed for an "invitation only" town hall meeting in front of the Cinderella castle. You truly cannot make this stuff up!

* Hat Tip to The Right Scoop

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