Thursday, 26 January 2012

This is One "Classy" Classical Musician!

You Will Be Required to Play the Bassoon...
In Israel one would think everyone is born with a cellphone stuck to their ear. People are loathe to put their cell away or Gd Forbid, turn it off.

From libraries to theatres, concerts and lectures~you name it and there is always one (or more) self-centered idiot who just has to disrupt  the rest of us. Even in Ulpan (Hebrew Class), when listening is vital and the teacher specifically instructs phones to be turned off, guess what?

To make it even worse, the same people insist on leaving their phone on to insure that the rest of us are disturbed every five minutes. I could understand the need to "feel important" if cell phones had just been invented, but when everybody from kindergarten kids on up has one, surely they  must see that nobody cares anymore, and certainly people do not want to hear their tacky, mindless conversations. Yet, they persist in ever increasing numbers! Maybe this is where we get the label "stiff necked people".

In a synagogue in Presov Slovakia, classical musician Lukáš Kmi knew just how to deal with the problem! It would have been sweeter if the offending "cellphone" was then evicted.

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