Friday, 27 January 2012

Northern Gateway Pipeline Hearings "Hijacked"

Gateway Panel~Biased
In September I posted a clip about Saudi censorship in Canada and followed it with this bit on Who is behind the censorship.

A few days ago I posted a clip about the quandary of Ethical Oil from Alberta vs Conflict Oil from Saudi Arabia or Venezuela HERE. Ezra Levant pointed out that there are outside interests interfering in Canada's business. 

Well, the plot thickens. Still in Edmonton, Ezra has another report. Interestingly, the "open hearings" are not open to everyone. I urge you to listen carefully and do your own investigations. Sheila Leggett, who is supposed to be running a "fair" inquiry to the pipeline, seems to be doing the opposite of that.

Special interest groups are giving millions of dollars to shut down Canada's pipeline, and now, the very person running the inquiry is also working against the pipeline! This is not just a "Sun News Issue"~this is about censorship, outside sources trying to control Canada and it's resources, and bias. Apparently even PM Stephen Harper is also concerned! 

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