Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Israel Overcame 2011 Upheaval

In a clip released by Arutz 7, Israel's PM, Benjamin Netanyahu provides some interesting figures from the past year.

Our economy has grown by 4.8%~which, I daresay is more than many countries can claim. At the same time the unemployment is at it's lowest point in decades at 5%. All this while being attacked on a regular basis and watching as most of our neighbors are verging on civil war.

Is Israel perfect? Not by a long shot! Our wages are low and rents are high. For most people, purchasing a home is unthinkable. Despite all this (and for some unexplainable reason) Israel is thriving. Some of our policies are very bad and need to be thrown out, however,  there remain some good things for Israelis to hold on to.

Right now, working fathers receive a monthly benefit of NIS 430 (approximately $112) for each child up to the age of three years. Working mothers receive NIS 215 (approximately $56) for each child up to the age of five years. In a country where many people have large families this is a big help to homes where both parents must work.

I will not try to compare Israel to any other country because the truth is you really can't. It is  unique and different, but the difference works over here...

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