Thursday, 12 January 2012

Apartheid in the Middle East~See For Yourself

Find Israel (Hint~It is the Tiny Red Spot)
The pictures and facts presented in the video below is not a new story, but  it needs to be told again and again. A group called Stand With Us, has been trying to bring some truth to light, but it is not easy.

I will say up front that there are problems in Israel. There are problems in every country in the world, but if you are an honest, and fair minded person, you must look at the facts before you join in the vile hate-fest that has taken hold around the world. 

When you speak of refugee camps, you need to know that there are no "Palestinian" refugee camps in Israel~they are all in "Arab" countries. When you speak of womens rights, you need to know that women in Israel, both Jews and Arabs have equal rights to vote, achieve higher education and run for public office. Only in Arab countries are there restrictions. 
PA Knesset Member Zoabi~Israel Hater

One of our own Knesset members, is a virulent Israel hater! Yes, that is the truth! MK Zouabi is a "Palestinian" woman who has enjoyed the freedoms and rights of Israel, is a member of our Knesset, yet hates and incites against this country to the point of sailing on the Mavi Marmara with Turkish terrorists. Yes, she still sits in the Knesset because she was elected. Not only would a Jewish woman Not be elected to parliament in an Arab country, but behaviour like that of MK Zouabi would mean  an instant death sentence. 

As for the idiots who deem themselves to be "Queers for Palestine", well, has anyone asked them to try and push their gay propaganda in a Muslim country? No, probably not because they would end up hanging from building. 
When you consider the Middle East, remember the facts in this video--for they are indeed truth. Those who hate do not want to hear truth~they want to keep on hating. Where do You Stand?

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