Saturday, 28 January 2012

What is "Zionism"?

I recently started reading a series of books from the writings of Rabbi Meir Kahane. Indeed I have read much about him and his actions for Jews all over the world. 

One thing that I cannot come to terms with, is the twisted world view~including Jews~as to who Rabbi Meir Kahane was. He is painted with numerous terrible labels. Why? Because he loved his fellow Jews? Because he loved the land of Israel? Because he was willing to put himself on the line (in the front row) to defend his beliefs? Or maybe, because people knew deep inside that he was right after all.

A couple of years ago, I attended a yartzeit dinner and heard his wife, Libby Kahane (among others) speak of this great man. She had just released the English copy of her book, Rabbi Meir Kahane~His LIfe and Thought (Volume One: 1932~1975). Naturally I stood in line to have her autographed my copy!

The book is fascinating. It is not a sentimental collection of rosy memories. Libby Kahane painstakingly gathered news stories, editorials and letters, as well as public records and information "gathered" and held by the government(s) on her husband. She then compiled it all into a true,  comprehensive picture of his life.

Our government to their everlasting shame, banned his party from the Knesset. I believe they were afraid, because he would surely have won the next elections. To this day they refuse to acknowledge him and his party, Kach, is still banned. 

Rabbi Meir Kahane, who loved Israel and the Jewish people and gave his life for his belief, is banned while today, there sits traitorous, Hamas supporting, Arab Knesset members who call for the destruction of the very country that pays their high salary and expenses. As long as we have a Knesset full of corrupt, self serving politicians who allow treason for the sake of political correctness, Israel will suffer. It does not matter how many emotional speeches Netanyahu makes, it is his actions that show what he is~and it is not a pretty picture.

I plan to post more on this, but to start, please listen to Rabbi Meir Kahane describe what Zionism is~would that we had a few good men like him in the Knesset today...

Friday, 27 January 2012

Michael Coren Talks with Nigel Farage~Good Stuff!

Northern Gateway Pipeline Hearings "Hijacked"

Gateway Panel~Biased
In September I posted a clip about Saudi censorship in Canada and followed it with this bit on Who is behind the censorship.

A few days ago I posted a clip about the quandary of Ethical Oil from Alberta vs Conflict Oil from Saudi Arabia or Venezuela HERE. Ezra Levant pointed out that there are outside interests interfering in Canada's business. 

Well, the plot thickens. Still in Edmonton, Ezra has another report. Interestingly, the "open hearings" are not open to everyone. I urge you to listen carefully and do your own investigations. Sheila Leggett, who is supposed to be running a "fair" inquiry to the pipeline, seems to be doing the opposite of that.

Special interest groups are giving millions of dollars to shut down Canada's pipeline, and now, the very person running the inquiry is also working against the pipeline! This is not just a "Sun News Issue"~this is about censorship, outside sources trying to control Canada and it's resources, and bias. Apparently even PM Stephen Harper is also concerned! 

Thursday, 26 January 2012

This is One "Classy" Classical Musician!

You Will Be Required to Play the Bassoon...
In Israel one would think everyone is born with a cellphone stuck to their ear. People are loathe to put their cell away or Gd Forbid, turn it off.

From libraries to theatres, concerts and lectures~you name it and there is always one (or more) self-centered idiot who just has to disrupt  the rest of us. Even in Ulpan (Hebrew Class), when listening is vital and the teacher specifically instructs phones to be turned off, guess what?

To make it even worse, the same people insist on leaving their phone on to insure that the rest of us are disturbed every five minutes. I could understand the need to "feel important" if cell phones had just been invented, but when everybody from kindergarten kids on up has one, surely they  must see that nobody cares anymore, and certainly people do not want to hear their tacky, mindless conversations. Yet, they persist in ever increasing numbers! Maybe this is where we get the label "stiff necked people".

In a synagogue in Presov Slovakia, classical musician Lukáš Kmi knew just how to deal with the problem! It would have been sweeter if the offending "cellphone" was then evicted.

Why Would Anyone Want Saudi Oil vs Ethical Oil?

The Power & Danger of Iconography

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Allen West and Newt Gingrich~Priceless...

Sitting on the other side of the pond, we sometimes arrive at interesting views on what is going on in America as the election fever takes hold.

It  is all too easy to be an armchair quarterback, but it is very, very tempting!

I am one of those who firmly believes the world needs a strong America to hold the balance between freedom and...well, bad things. 

While the world is reaching for a politically correct, all inclusive multi-cultural society, with no borders, there are forces gathering whose goal is to drag us back to the dark ages with all their primitive, oppressive, non-compromising ways. The current president has done immeasurable damage to everything that makes the USA great, while at the same time encouraging those who would destroy freedom and liberty around the world.

On the other hand, since he first came on the scene, I have always liked Alan West~I have Never like BHO, and am still gobsmacked that any thinking person could ever take him seriously. I am admitting my bias up front.
That being said, I have yet to hear anyone running for this next election, speak straight out like these two men. I have even been flipping through clips to see if they are consistent, and it seems like they are. Do they have flaws? I am sure of it, but look at the competition! Seriously!

I have no idea who will end up running against obummer, but it sure would be interesting to see Gingrich and West as the challengers. The debates would at least be worth watching!

And as the poster above says, Watching Gingrich and West debate Obummer and Biden??? Priceless!!

* A Big Thank You to Bare Naked Islam for the Great Posters...

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Israeli Film "Footnote" Nominated for Academy Award

Israeli films are different from what I am used to. I also struggle with Hebrew which makes it hard to really get into some films. Sub-titles when available do help, but generally are not easy to see unless you are sitting in an auspicious location. That being said, there are some incredibly good films out there.

This past summer a friend and I went to the Jerusalem Theatre to see a new film. It was so popular that every seat was sold out~we literally got the last two vacancies! 

The movie we saw, of course was "Footnote". At the time, I was not aware that it had been nominated for any prizes as my main reason for going was to spend time with my friend. In my opinion it helps to know a bit about Israeli society to really get the most out of the movie, but even if one knows nothing about Israel, I think this film will grab your attention~right to the end. What I particularly enjoyed was the fact that it was not full of special effects, and relied solely on the story.

It is cleverly done, and will keep your attention to the end. Even then, you are waiting for more. For me, the nomination for an award is not so important as the fact that I was riveted to my sit for the entire time, and even weeks after we saw it, my friend and I were still talking about it.

It is interesting to note, that the Hebrew studies department, is not all religious scholars, which makes for a different approach to the texts in  many cases.

I am not holding my breath to see any award go to Israel, but I will give this film a thumbs up and encourage anyone who can to watch it. Here is the synopsis and trailer:

Footnote is the tale of a great rivalry between a father and son. Eliezer and Uriel Shkolnik are both eccentric professors, who have dedicated their lives to their work in Talmudic Studies. The father, Eliezer, is a stubborn purist who fears the establishment and has never been recognized for his work. While his son, Uriel, is an up-and-coming star in the field, who appears to feed on accolades, endlessly seeking recognition. Then one day, the tables turn. When Eliezer learns that he is to be awarded the Israel Prize, the most valuable honor for scholarship in the country, his vanity and desperate need for validation are exposed. His son Uriel, meanwhile, is thrilled to see his father’s achievements finally recognized but, in a darkly funny twist, is forced to choose between the advancement of his own career and his father’s. Will he sabotage his father’s glory? Footnote is the story of insane academic competition, the dichotomy between admiration and envy for a role model, and the very complicated relationship between a father and son.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Talking About Naming the Enemy...

Although this is a long film, I urge you to make some popcorn, get a drink and watch. Some amazing stuff, once you get past the wife's intro...

Friday, 20 January 2012

Something to Ponder Over the Weekend...???

About Time Someone Put the Media in Place!

On a Lighter Note~Ad For Israeli Cable Company

* Click CC for captions in English~~Thanks to Elder of Ziyon

Canadas' Oil a No Go for Obama~Some Facts

This is Too Good to Pass Up...

Newt Gingrich is getting a reputation for speaking out and he is pulling no punches here. 

The issue of the Keystone pipeline to bring affordable energy to the USA from their friendly neighbour to the north could have been a great thing. Instead, this pResident, has just killed a deal to have Canadian Ethical Oil shipped across the border in favour of oil bought at high prices (and who knows what else) from the very Middle-East countries who have killed, are killing and have sworn to continue killing Americans until Sharia rules in the white house and the world. The thousands of jobs the new pipeline would have generated?~down the crapper of course.

One has to ask just what obummer plans to do next? You guessed it~He's going to Disney World! Disneys' "main street" will be closed for an "invitation only" town hall meeting in front of the Cinderella castle. You truly cannot make this stuff up!

* Hat Tip to The Right Scoop

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Thilo Sarrazin~Germany's New Rock Star?

Theo Sarrazin and His Controversial Book
The book, titled Deutschland Schafft Sich Ab (Germany Does Away With Itself or Germany Abolishes Itself), was released in 2010 and has raised hackles around the world. It is now  said to be Germany's third highest (non-fiction) best seller since WWII~only beaten by Dudens Dictionary and the Bible.

In this very controversial book, Thilo Sarrazin advocates a restrictive immigration policy (although he makes an exception for the highly skilled) and the reduction of state welfare benefits. Many Germans are in agreement with him as they see their cities filling with immigrants (who do not want to integrate into German society) and find themselves being treated as foreigners. As they become marginalized  some fear that soon their culture will be extinct.

The film below begins in Neukolln. Statistics from 2010 indicate that 40% of the population were immigrants, What they do not say is that  80-90%  of the youth in Neukolln are from immigrant families and one of every Neukollm immigrants is on welfare! The majority have no desire to integrate or observe German laws and violent crime is on the rise. This is an unsustainable situation in any country!
Heinz Buschkowsky

On the other hand, there is  Heinz Buschkowsky, the mayor of Berlin-Neukolln, who strongly believes in integration. He points out that whenever you have many cultures living together there are clashes. In his opinion the situation is not a dire as some say and he works hard to promote his view. He believes with the right efforts towards integration the problems will not exist. Indeed, as the film below goes on to show he has dome much to this end. His fear is that a radical right leaning government will take over. What I find almost comical is that he thinks the right has already taken over in Finland, Hungary and Europe in general...hmmmmm.

You need to be aware that there is a grave danger with some of the ideas of Thilo Sarrazin. Many of those who are supporting his views are Neo-Nazis, something that most people are (and should be) very strongly against. Some may recall that Sarazzin was accused of being racist for saying "all Jews share the same gene", while later offering the explanation that the question to which he was responding had been about ‘genetic identity’. I do not know what he really meant by that, although it made me think of the research that claims the tribe of Cohens do indeed carry a similar gene. All that aside, I have read that he believes the idea that genetics dictate intelligence and behaviour.

There is one major area where I strongly disagree with Thilo Sarazzin. While it is true that the grades of Arab and Turkish children may well be lower both in their countries if origin and their adopted countries, I do not believe that it is because of genetics. I am convinced (and there are many studies that claim) that it is a "culture" issue.

In Israel there are indeed Arabs in the lower levels, but there are also those with an extremely high IQ, in the top levels of our society. This is true with all of our citizens, just as it is in every society. The argument brought forth is that when one looks at the huge, growing Muslim population around the world as well as in their own countries, it is clear that there is a disparity. That may be so, but it is the culture, not the genetics ruling in most cases. I think Sarazzin has it  all wrong on genetics, and he may well be rabid racist, but those are topics for another post.

The ordinary German citizens, the beautiful, progressive Germany that I knew when I lived there many years ago, no longer exists.  There were immigrants then as well, but in smaller numbers, and  it seemed they came when work was available and when times were tough they went back to their home countries. Now, I see a country divided, with its citizens in many cases living in fear~fear of saying the wrong thing, fear of being politically incorrect, or Gd forbid, fear of straying into the wrong area.

I will never support the extremest Neo-Nazi types, however, in all honesty, Sarrazin has got it right with much of what he says regarding mass immigration policy. All western countries should be looking closely at their laws and policies in this area.

Geert Wilders            Oskar Freysinger
The problem is, that the only people who seem to want to stand up to the radical Islamization of our world are those on the far right. The left have given up and bowed down to threats and terror while painting those who oppose it as being the "evil ones".  In the clip below they cover a meeting where Oskar Freysinger and Geert Wilders are speaking,  and  refer to it as "poisonous".

The documentary below tries to convince us that they are showing both sides, but they are clearly lining up with the politically correct, warm and fuzzy, left ideology. Showing a single successful immigrant woman and a single student trying to change his life is a beautiful thing. But the woman, grew up in an area where less than 1% of the population is immigrant. It has been proven that when an immigrant population is tiny, their absorption is much more successful and she is the prime example for that!

As for the boy in Essen, I wonder how all the German students who were afraid to attend school feel on the matter? Instead, they concentrate on one young man who cannot get his driver's license because of immigration laws, and they enforce the idea that it is the German immigration laws that are at fault.

Crime may indeed be subsiding, and that is a good thing, but how many families have moved away, and is the area majority or minority immigrants? It is of note that videos on the internet showing the problem with immigrant students in Essen beating both the teachers and students have all been removed...Why?

I do believe it is possible to integrate people into every society, but facts show that where the  immigrant population becomes too large, and is given too many concessions they will take over and soon the native citizens are pushed out~but anyone who says that is politically incorrect. I would like to see what would happen if a Christian, Jew or Hindu tried to walk and shop in these immigrant dominated areas. As a Jew I know what would happen, yet I am willing to bet that Muslims walk wherever they please, and should anyone even look at them in the wrong way, the whole world is in an uproar. Discrimination Is Wrong, but at the same time we cannot give up our own freedom for the sake of those who declare loudly, every day, that they will rule the world.

In countries where people have fought and died for freedom to live, speak and worship in their own way, this privilege is being taken away. Women with no religious affiliation are being told to cover themselves from head to toe or risk being raped. Anyone who is identified as homosexual or lesbian is in grave danger. Halal foods are being forced upon all of us in grocery stores, restaurants and schools. Alcohol, pork, music, and everything associated with our societies are being banned. I

In the move to separate church and state, the ten commandments, the bible, and in some cases the flag and national anthem are being banned, and yet, special prayer rooms and washrooms are being installed for Muslims and time off to pray is demanded at the risk of a law suit! Why should a Muslim woman have the right to wear a full face veil, while a Jew in a kippah is brutally attacked, and a why is a Christian woman wearing a small gold cross is considered offensive? The list is endless~Does anyone care?

Think about it~many western countries now have "No Go Zones"...Why? The US Embassy in Oslo just told citizens not to go out alone at night...Why? The majority of violent crimes, rapes, etc. in the UK, Sweden and Europe are committed by Muslims...Why? The media is afraid to say that perpetrators are Muslims...Why? Vile cartoons and hatred can be spewed against every group religious or not, except Islam...Why?

These are questions that must be answered now. Like Newkolln, the 80-90% youth population  is very soon going to be the majority adult voting population...Then What?

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Russia's Airport Security is in Good Paws

New Breed
Here is an interesting story from Russia. With the ever-present threat of terror the airline security companies have started using dogs to "sniff out" bombs and explosives in addition to specialized machines. 

Russia, however is not using just any old dogs! They have developed a completely new breed of super sniffer dog that can out sniff other dogs and  even machines. 

After twenty-eight years of breeding experiments, Klim Sulimov, Aeroflot’s chief breeder, was able to  develop this unique dog. This new breed is the result of crossing an Arctic Lapinporokoira with a Golden Jackal from Turkmenistan (not exactly a family pet).

The super smell comes mainly from the genes of the Golden Jackal as well as the ability to "search independently". Generally, search dogs work by command, but this new breed is a self starter, and hits the ground running.  Nobody needs to tell them to start work! The Lapinporokoira, used for herding reindeer in the Arctic are very fast and very agile.

It is the combination of  these and  other qualities that will enable them to perform anywhere in the world. 

Arctic reindeer herding dogs  (Lapinporokoira) are a hardy breed and are used to working in temperatures as low as -70C, while the jackals enjoy warm weather~all the way up to +40C!

As they are heralded as "probably the best sniffer dog in the world" I have no doubt the demand will grow for these amazing canines. The articles I have seen all indicate that Russia is closely guarding the new breed and will not be selling them as family pets any time soon!

Golden Jackal~Plus 40C!
They begin their training at a very young age, using an old Tu-154 jet as their training facility. There is even a special vehicle to transport the dogs wherever they need to go.

 Needless to say there is a great deal of interest coming from other airlines. Some of the dogs are already on loan to airlines in Russia and there are plans to sell them abroad as well. A price of about $5,000 each was mentioned in one article.

As a point of interest, this new breed does not even have a name yet, although I  did find some references to the Sulminov Dogs.  I don't know how new breed are assigned their formal "breed type name" but it should prove interesting to find one to nail down the uniqueness of this one. Maybe they should have a name contest and award a puppy to the winner....hmmmm.

Now, I am waiting for screaming from the Muslim world!~as you know, they hate dogs...

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

YouTube Re-Defines Truth as Hate Speech

Once again, YouTube proves that in their books, Truth is defined as Hate Speech

To say that  there is a definite bias in how they operate is being kind.
Palestinian Media Watch has again had its account frozen for posting the video shown below.

In the video, the Mufti for the Palestinian Authority says it is the Muslims destiny to kill Jews and quotes the Islamic Hadith saying that the only the Muslims killing of Jews will lead to The Hour [of Resurrection].

The event begins with the moderator referring to "Our war with the descendants of the apes and pigs (the Jews)" is a war of religion and faith~Long Live Fatah!.

He then invites the Mufti for the Palestinian Authority, Muhammed Hussein, to speak who then declares: 
"47 years ago the Fatah revolution started. Which revolution? The modern revolution of the Palestinian peoples history. In fact, Palestine in its entirety is a revolution since Caliph Umar came to conquer Jerusalem (637CE), and continuing today until the end of days. The reliable Hadith (tradition attributed to Mohammed) in the two reliable collections, the Bukhari and Muslim says, The Hour [of Resurrection] will not come until you fight the Jews. The Jew will hide behind stones or trees. Then the stones or trees will call: Oh Muslim, servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him."

You can read the entire report HERE (Palestinian Media Watch), and also watch the video if the one below does not work. Be sure to view and bookmark their site  if you are interested in what is really being said by the so-called "Peaceful Palestinians" in their own media and TV broadcasts. If you don't already know the facts you are in for an education...

Monday, 16 January 2012

IDF Paratrooper~Proud To Serve & Proud to be Bedouin

Soldiers at the Kotel
Last week I wrote about IDF Soldiers singing Hatikva in the Old City of Jerusalem, and what a wonderful event it was. 

I just found this interview with one of those fine young men and would like to share it with you.

As it happens his family has a long history of serving in the IDF, and defending Israel. Not unusual you might say for an Israeli, however, you also should know that these particular Israelis are Bedouin, they are Muslim, and they are also very proud of their service to their country.

I was told, that at the swearing in ceremonies, Jews make an oath on a Tanakh, and the Muslims use a Koran~but please~don't tell anyone, because, after all, Israel is supposed to be an apartheid country...

This My Friends is Israel and Our Finest Young People !

Heads Up to All Boycotters~This One's For You!

With all the "lies and hate" campaigns in motion I want to present some of the realities coming out of Israel. This has been in the wind for some time now, but bears repeating.

Vaxil Biotherapeutics has been conducting clinical trials at Hadassah University Medical Center in Jerusalem, Israel. They are testing a vaccine for Cancer~yes, you are reading this correctly~A Vaccine for Cancer.

Israel's vaccine against Cancer should be ready for release in the next five years, estimates are for 2017. 

Vaxil Biotherapeutics is confident this vaccine will not only help treat cancer but will keep the disease from recurring. It is predicted it will work on 90% of cancers.

Cancer Cell in Blood
The very idea of a vaccine that can not only rid one of this insidious disease, but prevent its return is truly astounding! Hard to believe, but that is exactly what the clip below explains.

This discovery is very exciting as I had my own battle with cancer and have lost many relatives and close friends.  Anyone who has suffered the pain with family or friends going through endless treatments, only to loose them in the end, know where I am coming from.
This is what we should be waging war on! But there are those out there whose unparalleled hatred is so deep, they would rather try to destroy the people searching for a cure! 

The "Arab Press and Friends" are screaming for the total destruction of our tiny little country. They have flooded the world with lies, are trying to change history and from the looks of things are doing a fairly good job of it.

I just wonder how many of them will boldly rush to boycott this treatment when they are diagnosed with the "Big C"?

The European Union is a Black Hole !

Say what you will, I think Nigel Farage is correct. I am not endorsing either him or his party, however, I do find that he hits the mark much of the time and I have never hear anyone else dare to speak out against the depots sitting in the EU (when they are even there!)

The EU is corrupt and is on a move to control all of Europe~and None of the people have been elected by the citizens of Europe! 

The billions of Euros and dollars going into this black hole is beyond belief. I thought the UN was a disaster, but this beggars description!

People, if you really want to protest against the 1% who control all the money, I suggest you take action to flush the EU down the toilet and use those billions to get your economy back on track! Sending money to a bunch of rich, fat cats living in luxury, so they can take more of your freedom is just ludicrous.

I recommend you watch some of the videos from the EU where Nigel Farage calls them to task. Makes for very interesting listening indeed!

Friday, 13 January 2012

IDF Paratroopers Sing "Hatikva" in Jerusalem's Old City

Viewing the City from Har HaZeitim
Here is a beautiful story. On Thursday night ninety IDF paratroopers were led on a march~through the Old City of Jerusalem. 

The young troops stood on Har HaZeitem (Mount of Olives), where prophets, countless Rabbis, Hasidic Rebbes, cultural figures and politicians are interred. The view overlooking Jerusalem's historic "Old City" is truly breathtaking. They marched through Ir David (City of David), and the ancient streets before finally arriving at the Kotel (Western Wall) where their swearing in ceremony took place.

Carrying their colours and Israeli flags, they smiled and sang as they viewed their ancient capital which has been the focus of wars for thousands of years. This is the city they are called upon to defend. It was a joyful, yet solemn occasion, because like those that came before them, these young people know that they may have to lay down their lives for these ancient stones.

Rabbi Matti Dan, head of the Ateret Cohanim, led the troops as they waved banners and sang on a rooftop. Many of the students from the yeshiva enter into the military.

In the Old City with Ateret Cohanim
It looks like the same spot I visited with a friend when we took the tour through the old city (with Aterit Cohanim) during the high holidays. We like to go each year as they usually have different routes and new buildings to show. If you have not taken their tours (which are free during the holidays), I urge you to do so!

The tours usually start from the arch leading from the mens' section of the Kotel Plaza. To hear of the history and see the Jewish homes and yeshivas that existed before the ethnic cleansing of Jews during the wars is indescribable. Slowly, these homes are being purchased back (at unbelievably high prices), then renovated and inhabited once again by their rightful owners~the Jewish people of Israel. For the record, the Arabs willingly sell these places, which are in terrible (*read not livable) condition. Apart from that, should Jews not be allowed the same freedom as the Arabs to make an honest purchase in our own country?

For all the lefty haters and nay-sayers, I have only two words (and its not let's dance). Their whiny, politically correct mentality has cost lives, land and risks the destruction of this country. You don't have to come here to live, and you don't even have to like us, just butt out...And before you start the mantra of "we give financial support", I must you support disasters like the one in Haiti? Do you donate to other organizations around the world? Do you tell them they can't walk around their own capital cities because you give money? I thought not...

What a blessing it is to see our young IDF troops singing our National Anthem and dancing in our capital City just before Shabbos! Hashem should bless and keep them safe always!
Ah yes, and the sound of Barak and company plotzing in the background...

Israeli Government Shames All Jews

Destroyed Homes
Tonight, as I prepare to post the video below, I am sick inside. Our government has descended into madness~no sane person could behave in such a manner.

Earlier this weak it was reported that tens of thousands of illegal Arab homes have been, and continue to be built on government and private land. They are building from Jerusalem to the Galilee and beyond. Our government is well aware of this but not a word is said, nor is there any plans being made to deal with this abomination~WHY??

On the other hand, when Jews build, it is another story. Homes and synagogues are bulldozed under the cover of darkness. Imagine how you would feel if your door was smashed open in the middle of the night! Picture your children being dragged from their beds into the cold! Think how you would feel to see armed men (who you once thought were there to protect you) manhandle your children.

This is the doing of Ehud Barak~an evil disgusting little troll. And I don't care if I am arrested for saying so. Even more nauseating is the man who is supposed to be PM of this country, Benyamin Netanyahu. I say "supposed" to be PM, because in fact he is nothing more than a puppet who jumps to the tune of the trolls. 
Illegal Mosque on Mt. of Olives

They say that the houses Jews build in the Jewish state of Israel are illegal, yet when the invented  "Palestinians" build illegal homes in the thousands, and break every law imaginable, Barak turns the other way. Even now, as they erect an illegal mosque on the Mount of Olives, right next to the grave of our late Prime Minister Menachem Begin--there is silence.

The popular excuse is that the government is trying to avoid creating friction! What about the law? What about homes for Jews in what is supposed to be a Jewish state? I would think that if our government wants to avoid friction they would implement the law equally...

There is apartheid in Israel, and it is against the Jewish People!! Shame on Bibi, Barak and every single man who throws Jews out of their homes and destroys them while the enemy builds with impunity. Shame on anyone who allows these evil trolls to remain in our government.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Apartheid in the Middle East~See For Yourself

Find Israel (Hint~It is the Tiny Red Spot)
The pictures and facts presented in the video below is not a new story, but  it needs to be told again and again. A group called Stand With Us, has been trying to bring some truth to light, but it is not easy.

I will say up front that there are problems in Israel. There are problems in every country in the world, but if you are an honest, and fair minded person, you must look at the facts before you join in the vile hate-fest that has taken hold around the world. 

When you speak of refugee camps, you need to know that there are no "Palestinian" refugee camps in Israel~they are all in "Arab" countries. When you speak of womens rights, you need to know that women in Israel, both Jews and Arabs have equal rights to vote, achieve higher education and run for public office. Only in Arab countries are there restrictions. 
PA Knesset Member Zoabi~Israel Hater

One of our own Knesset members, is a virulent Israel hater! Yes, that is the truth! MK Zouabi is a "Palestinian" woman who has enjoyed the freedoms and rights of Israel, is a member of our Knesset, yet hates and incites against this country to the point of sailing on the Mavi Marmara with Turkish terrorists. Yes, she still sits in the Knesset because she was elected. Not only would a Jewish woman Not be elected to parliament in an Arab country, but behaviour like that of MK Zouabi would mean  an instant death sentence. 

As for the idiots who deem themselves to be "Queers for Palestine", well, has anyone asked them to try and push their gay propaganda in a Muslim country? No, probably not because they would end up hanging from building. 
When you consider the Middle East, remember the facts in this video--for they are indeed truth. Those who hate do not want to hear truth~they want to keep on hating. Where do You Stand?

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Out of the Depths~An Amazing Story!

Great Synagogue
The Great Synagogue in Jerusalem is more than just a tourist attraction. Most months, on Rosh Hodesh Motzei Shabbat, they hold lectures which include well known people from across the globe.

On Sunday, 08 January 2012, there was a special lecture and book launch. The book in question had already been released in Hebrew, but now the English translation was finally available.

The speaker was to be Rabbi Israel Meir Lau, former Chief Rabbi of Israel, currently Chief Rabbi of Tel Aviv and Chairman of Yad Vashem.  The book, titled Out of The Depths, is his personal account of the Shoah, the loss of his family, and how he and his brother Napthali, managed to survive and find their way to Israel at the end of the war. 

Rabbi Lau is the 38th generation in an unbroken family chain of rabbis that goes back almost 1,000 years. When Rabbi Lau arrived in Israel he had never been to school and had yet to learn to read or write. His brother, nonetheless, kept the promise he made to their father, and insured that the family dynasty would carry on via the youngest surviving member of the family.

I expected a large crowd, however, when I arrived it was a mob scene! Fortunately I had arranged to meet a few friends and we were able to save seats near the front of the podium. People were snapping up copies of the book and crowding around a table where the rabbi was going to be signing. A little confession here~I have a thing for books, and whenever possible, I try to meet the authors and have them sign their book for me. One never knows, an original signed copy (even of an obscure book) could one day be a collectors item.  More importantly, I have had the privilege of meeting many wonderful people and reading a host of fascinating stories!

They were handing out numbers to those who wanted their books signed~that is until they ran out! The rabbi was late arriving, because he was paying a shiva call (which for us takes priority over a book launch), but he dutifully signed a number of books before moving on to give the lecture. Unlike most places in Israel, the Great Synagogue is meticulous about starting on time and this lecture was indeed on time! Immediately  upon finishing, Rabbi Lau was back in the foyer signing books as people mobbed the small table he was sitting at. Not once did he rush, or show the slightest bit of impatience~and we were told he had to leave early in the morning for a trip!
Rabbi Lau Signing a Book
Rabbi Lau is a good speaker, but this night he was beyond good. He spoke from the heart, and we could feel his pain, and see through his eyes, the horrors he experienced as a small child.  

The rabbi spoke of when the Nazis separated the women and children from the men at the railway cars. He described with great emotion how, the women and children were being herded into different cars from the men. He vividly recalled the second his mother realized what was happening~that the men would be useful as laborers, but women and children would be a burden, and that their cars would be going "somewhere else"

In that instant, she grabbed him and threw him away from her over to where his older brother was standing, and screamed at him to "take care of Lulek".(*Lulek was the name he was called as a child). His voice and eyes still showed the pain of a small child who thought his mother was "throwing him away". I was sitting amongst a large group of women (all mothers) and I can tell you that the tears were flowing freely. 

An Emotional Story
On a personal note, I met the Rabbi (in a manner of speaking) as I am positive he would have no  such recollection. When I was in the midst of the red tape part of making aliyah with all the stress of locating original documents, having them verified, and verified over and over again, and other such trivia,  an acquaintance took me to a Torah Scroll dedication. 

As the crowd was dancing down the street with the scrolls, the rabbi was preparing to leave (it was very late). My friend literally dragged me over the chairs to cut off the rabbi's exit, and blurted out how I was struggling to make aliyah. I was embarrassed because he looked very tired~but he stopped, and told me a short story, then gave me a berakhah. At that time, I had no idea who he actually was, but his berakhah for me was fulfilled. Now, I also have my signed copy of his book, and a recording of his lecture!  

Israel Overcame 2011 Upheaval

In a clip released by Arutz 7, Israel's PM, Benjamin Netanyahu provides some interesting figures from the past year.

Our economy has grown by 4.8%~which, I daresay is more than many countries can claim. At the same time the unemployment is at it's lowest point in decades at 5%. All this while being attacked on a regular basis and watching as most of our neighbors are verging on civil war.

Is Israel perfect? Not by a long shot! Our wages are low and rents are high. For most people, purchasing a home is unthinkable. Despite all this (and for some unexplainable reason) Israel is thriving. Some of our policies are very bad and need to be thrown out, however,  there remain some good things for Israelis to hold on to.

Right now, working fathers receive a monthly benefit of NIS 430 (approximately $112) for each child up to the age of three years. Working mothers receive NIS 215 (approximately $56) for each child up to the age of five years. In a country where many people have large families this is a big help to homes where both parents must work.

I will not try to compare Israel to any other country because the truth is you really can't. It is  unique and different, but the difference works over here...

Monday, 9 January 2012

Do You Remember "The Duke"?

I came accross this clip in a round about way. While looking over a list of blogs that were awarded the 2011 Zilla Award (check it out), I arrived at The Daily Stink~and this video. You have to listen is interesting to hear what The Duke had to say about liberals~so many years back. 

John Wayne, seemed to be a pretty ordinary type of guy. He smoked, he drank, he used "colourful" language, yet somehow he always represented the "down to earth" kind of actor, that seems to be lost in our times. It was always said that he was very much like the characters he played on screen. One bio said that he had a plaque engraved with these words:

Each of us is a mixture of some good and some not so good qualities. In considering one's fellow man it's important to remember the good things...We should refrain from making judgments just because a fella happens to be a dirty, rotten SOB.

As my dear daddy used to say...Forget John Wayne? Never!...You got that right dad!

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Israeli Wins Award for an Amazing Innovation!

I honestly did not know a thing about YBI (Youth Business International) until I came across an article by Elder of Ziyon. This group helps young entrepreneurs to create a business and establish jobs. Each year YBI holds an Entrepreneur of the Year Contest, and the prize for 2011 was awarded (in November) to a young Israeli, Amir Asor.

 Born in Rehovot, the youngest of five children, Amir suffered with learning difficulties, a poor memory, and difficulty reading and processing information.  Absorbing information took him much longer than other children, but he had determination. With a lot of hard work, he was able to complete a degree in economics and computer sciences in five and a half years~Normally it takes only three.

The road to this unique business model began when he was a volunteer on a project that supports children who need educational and emotional help. Using his own frustrations with learning his ideas began to take shape in the form of training manuals. Eventually he formed his own company, The Decade Group~Young Engineers Inc.

In an interview with Israel21c Amir states:
"The project started when I was injured in an accident during my military service and was forced to spend seven months at home, on crutches...I had the time and frame of mind to explore the possibilities, and built dozens of prototypes of each idea."

Amir was able to conceive uniquely innovative programs that teach children the intricacies of engineering as they play with Lego. What began as a diversion to pass time, the thought process behind lego model-building became a mission for him. His company was set up in 2007 an currently employs twenty-five people. In 2011, more than 2,500 children via 130 educational centres across Israel have been taught complex principles through the use of specially designed Lego models.

To learn more about Amir's company and the work they are doing, you can visit their website HERE. Do take the time to go through the site where you can see descriptions of the various programs~and be amazed!

By the way, when he received his award, Amir was 26 years old! You can read more details  about Amir and his journey on the YBI site, HERE. Meanwhile, here is the video explaining his idea. At 3:15 you can see how children are learning with his amazing models...Way to go Amir!

Criticism of Sharia is Forbidden at the UN~Pay Attention!!

Think You Know About Israel? Watch This...

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Ramallah Bans Druze Singer~Because He is Israeli!

Israel has many Druze citizens. One of them is a young singer named Sharif (The Druze Boy).

Sharif was raised in a village in the North of Israel and has been performing and recording since the tender age of seven. He is one of the most popular singers, not only among Israelis, but with Arabs throughout the Middle-East. His songs are a blend of cultures and are performed in Arabic and Hebrew. For those who may not know, Druze are not Jewish, not Arabs and not Muslims, they are Druze, but they speak Arabic and in Israel they also speak Hebrew.

An article in the Jerusalem Post states that he was due to sing for a New Year's Eve party in Ramallah, but then, suddenly, he was banned from appearing by those who oppose “normalization” with Israelis. Eyewitnesses said PA policemen raided the hall where the party was supposed to take place and ordered the owners to cancel Sharif’s appearance

  In an interview to the Associated Press Sharif was quoted as saying "I’m an artist and I want to sing before all audiences. I’m a man of peace, not politics. I just want to bring my music to my fans.”

Apparently, the "Palestinians" were angered by the fact that Sharif was presented as an Israeli and that some of his songs are performed in Hebrew. Some said it was unacceptable that Israelis songs would be sung in Ramallah. Others said they didn’t like the fact that a member of the Druse community, whose sons serve in the IDF, would appear at a party in Ramallah.

Once again, as Israel tries to find a path to peace, the Palestinians show their consistent hatred to the the tiny state and her citizens. Mahmoud Abbas has stated that "No Israeli will step foot on PA land". He is true to his word, although, ironically, the land was never his to begin with~but that is another story! Meantime, here is Sharif...

שריף כאן לצידך (Sharif~Here on Your Side)

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The Face of Dogfighting: One Dog's Incredible Journey

Michael Vick and One of His Dogs
Last year I did a short post on the heinous crime of dog fighting. I was prompted by an article that appeared on the blog Woman Honor Thyself (do visit her beautiful site).

Footballer Michael Vick is only one of many, many people in our word that enjoy this sick,  brutal cruelty. Not only did he fight his dogs to the death he tortured and murdered them in ways that one can hardly imagine. Vick and his associates killed dogs that did not "test" well by various methods, including hanging, drowning, and slamming at least one dog's body to the ground until dead. (Source: Federal Indictment PDF) You can read the case at the Animal Legal Defense Fund.

What I find so sad is that this is a young man who is gifted with a most amazing ability (I'm a football fan too). He had the American Dream and all the things in life that most people can't even imagine. The greater shame is that regardless of what he has done, people will  still throw money at him, call him a role model and worship at his feet. For myself, I could never watch him play without visualizing the horrible mutilations and deaths he was responsible for~in fact, I refuse to watch him play.

Whether you love or hate animals there are some things in this world that are just plain wrong~dog fighting is one of them. If you know of anyone fighting their dogs, Please, contact your local animal protection shelter and the authorities!
Dedicated to "Stallone" and His Rescuers

Barbarians Called "Heroes" by Palestinians~Words Fail Me

Sunday, 1 January 2012

If You're Thinking of Getting a Pet~Watch This!

Abandoned At Birth
My friends know that I love pets and in my day, I have had everything from birds to green iguanas (don't ask!). 

Pets are very rewarding but they take time, commitment, money and work. Sort of like having a two-year old child for fifteen to twenty years!

Sadly, most people fall out of love with their pets as soon as they start getting big, stain the carpets or chew expensive shoes. The truth is, if we were very honest with ourselves, many of us should not have pets at all.

Please watch the short clip below and as you do, consider the following points:

Not Pure-Bred But Loved
1) Insure that any pet you buy is suitable for your home and lifestyle. For example, big dogs should never be in an apartment! They need large areas to run full  out~Not once a day walks on a leash.

2) Consider that you will need a good, loving "sitter" if you want to take a vacation or even go away for a weekend. Remember that your pet will miss you!

3) Do not buy from "breeders" or "Pet Shops". These animals are often mass-bred under inhumane conditions and will have life long (read costly) disabilities. "Pure" breeds have been so modified that most have severe genetic flaws. Even the kennel clubs acknowledge this.

4) Insure you spay/neuter your pet. If you have to ask why--just watch this film...

I Am Adopted~Now I'm Happy
5) Do adopt a pet from your local shelter!  Before you think of buying a pet get to know  the people and pets at your local animal shelter, SPCA, RSPCA. Volunteer to help train and exercise the pets. Learn about the time and cost of pet ownership.  Learn about the quirks of the breed you would like to own.

6) If you love animals but truly don't have the right environment consider "pet sitting" for friends, or fostering animals from the shelter. Many shelters like to send pets to a "home" for weekends to help them adjust to people. Please! Make sure you are not responsible for the scenes below.

Finally, you will say that they are just animals, but I ask you to consider this: If we can treat "mere animals" in such a fashion, how long before we treat the least advantaged people of our world in a similar manner? Many countries already treat their people this way. 

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