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This is What You Get When Terrorists Are Released!

Wafa al-Biss
At the end of this rather long post is an open letter written by a Gaza doctor and published in the Jerusalem Post on 24 June 2005. Do take the time to read it. 

The video interview is with Wafa Samir Ibrahim al-Biss. She was one of the 1,027 prisoners released for the return of a single soldier~Gilad Shalit. These pictures of Wafa, (who is already back in University, studying to be a journalist) and Gilad Shalit (who is still recovering from his ordeal) were taken on their "release". Do note that Wafa  appears to have survived quite well in Israel, while Gilad Shalit came home looking like a Holocaust survivor. The pictures you usually see of Wafa are from the day she failed to detonate herself, and she was indeed pathetic and crying. There was no brave face then, but now that she is fat and free, and being paid a salary in addition to the $2,000 each terrorist received from Hamas, she is very bold indeed. The PA is also heavily rewarding their terrorists and of course the re-naming of schools and streets will soon start. *Note: PA terrorists in Israeli jails are paid a monthly salary that is incrementally higher based on the number of Jews killed and the amount of time they are in jail. Their families are also looked after with stipends, housing, medical, etc.. This is possible thanks to the endless aid flowing from the UN,  EU and USA.

Gilad Shalit
On the day after her release, Wafa told cheering schoolchildren in the Gaza Strip that she hoped they would follow her example... 

“I hope you will walk the same path we took
and God willing,  we will see some of you as martyrs” 

History: Wafa was admitted to Soroka Medical Center in Beersheva between December 2004 and January 2005 for treatment of massive burns. Some reports indicate she received them as a result of a gas-tank explosion while others indicate she was burned by her family for having an illicit affair, but there is no proof of this.

When she was released as an outpatient, she was given personal medical authorization documents, allowing her to cross through into Israel to receive medical treatment. She was arrested on 21 June 2005 with ten kilograms of explosives in her underwear~her intent was to kill as many Jews as possible~including children...

Chilling Interview~This is the Palestinian Mindset !

An Open Letter by a Gaza doctor, published in The Jerusalem Post on 24 June 2005
As a Palestinian doctor who has worked at Soroka hospital in Beersheva for eight years, I was outraged at the cynical and potentially deadly suicide bombing attempt by Wafa Samir Ibrahim al-Biss. On Monday she was caught at the Erez crossing from the Gaza strip wearing explosives stitched to her underwear and admitted that her goal was to kill dozens of people at the hospital including as many children as possible.

I conduct research at the hospital’s Genetic Institute, and Soroka has become my home away from home. I have built warm professional relations with my colleagues in the obstetrics and gynaecology department and other units. I make a point, whenever I’m at the hospital, of visiting Palestinian patients. I also schedule appointments for other Gaza residents, and even bring medication from Soroka to needy patients in the Strip.

I have nothing but praise for the doctors, nurses and other medical staff at Soroka hospital. They show compassion, sympathy and kindness. I was therefore extremely shocked and upset to hear that Wafa Biss, from the Jabalya refugee camp, was wired with explosives to blow herself up at Soroka, a place where she had been treated with kindness and mercy.

On the very day she planned to detonate her bomb, two Palestinians in critical condition were waiting in Gaza to be taken for urgent medical treatment to Soroka. Wafa was sent to kill the very people in Israel who are healing Palestinians from the Gaza strip and West Bank. What if Israeli hospitals now decide to bar Palestinians seeking treatment? How would those who sent Biss feel if their own relatives, in need of medical care in Israel, are refused treatment?
Wafa Attempting to Detonate~Crossing

As for Biss herself, she should have been a messenger for peace among her people, and should have been bringing flowers and appreciation to the Soroka doctors for healing her burns. Instead, she targeted the very people who treated her with such compassion. Israeli hospitals extend humanitarian treatment to Palestinians from the Gaza Strip and West Bank. These efforts continued when all other cooperation between Palestinians and Israelis came to a halt during the most recent intifada.

To plan an operation of this kind against a hospital is an act of evil. Children, women, patients, doctors and nurses were the target. Is this a reward for kindness? Is this an advertisement for Islam, a religion which respects and sanctifies human life? This is aggression and a violation of humanity.

What are we going to say if Israel now clamps down on Palestinian patients seeking medical treatment inside Israel? All of us know that we are suffering from collective punishments imposed by the Israelis. We now risk imposing additional suffering on Palestinians in need of medical care.

Soroka is a hospital that has opened its doors to treat Palestinians without discrimination, offering the best care available. I want to tell my friends and colleagues at Soroka that all the Gaza residents I have spoken to have expressed their condemnation for this evil and brainless act. At a time when we badly need to build bridges of trust and tolerance, Soroka is the only door left open when other hospitals are closed to Gaza residents.

We should all denounce any attempts to attack hospitals and harm their patients. The Biss family members have, themselves, issued a statement condemning the use of their daughter. I hope that despite this incident Soroka hospital will continue to be an oasis of peace and coexistence. That is the correct message to defeat the enemies of peace.

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