Thursday, 8 December 2011

Pearl Harbor~Never Forget!

Signing War Declaration
Last year I wrote an article on the bombing of Pearl Harbor. This year, I note with sadness the passing of many of the remaining survivors. In his speech the day after the bombing,  President Franklin D. Roosevelt began his speech to congress with "yesterday, December 7th, 1941 is a day that will live in infamy". At 4:00pm that same afternoon, President Roosevelt signed the declaration of war. That speech, with his annotations can be viewed at the National Archives.

Seventy years on, one has to reflect on where the world is now. That attack on Americans brought about a declaration of war. There were no "politically correct, multicultural" protests and no "sensitivity training". The president of the United States of America signed a declaration of war, and the American armed forces fought the enemy until they surrendered. Yes, many innocent Japanese Americans were treated terribly, that is the ugliness of war. But what was the end result? Japan and America, as well as the rest of the world have worked out a peaceful co-existence and Japanese Americans today are an integral part of society. 

Compare that to the horror of September 11th~where a mere ten years on, the day is being turned into a day of "service"? The remains of those who died are to be housed in a private area some seventy feet underground in the museum complex?

Police are forced to take sensitivity training and the US Administration has removed references to Islam  from terror training material. It beggars the question, just who (or what) do they think they are fighting??
Christmas Holidays are now just "holidays", and the brightly decorated trees are to be called "holiday trees"--so as not to offend (Muslims). 

I grew up with the tinsel and  bright lights. As a Jew, it does not bother me because it is part of the history and heritage of where I grew up and the people around me. Forcing "politically correct" naming conventions has gotten out of hand. Meanwhile, Ramadan and other Muslim days are taking front row, children being taught about Islam in school, halal forced upon everyone and of course the ever-present Muslim associations demanding special prayer-rooms, special washrooms, work accommodations, and women should wear a bag over their heads. Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, and every other religion (other than Islam) are slowly being eradicated~or given dhimmi status.

The Armed Forces of the United States, and other western countries did indeed go after the terrorists, but the politically correct agendas of appeasement, ties their hands and makes it almost impossible to ever win against an enemy that laughs at the weak policies of the west~believing they will soon have us all on our knees.

As the last of the survivors of Pearl Harbor leave us, we must never forget the sacrifices they went through, or the tens of thousands of men and women who gave their lives for our freedom. We must support and honor the Armed Forces who, today, must not only fight against terror, but against the sickness of political correctness that tries to demoralize them in favor of the enemy. I for one remain in awe of, and indebted to, every one of the brave people who have made it possible for me to sit at my keyboard and voice my opinions. I thank Hashem that their sacrifice allows me to live, worship, dress and speak freely.

USS Arizona Memorial
It is time to remove the rose colored glasses and realize that the mentality of appeasement is  slowly eating away at our rights and freedoms. By diminishing our heritage and treating it as if it is something shameful we are destroying our future. Look closely, we have not become better or more liberated~we have become afraid...afraid to offend those who would destroy us! Remember the past, or surely we will be doomed to repeat it!
At the end of the report below, they state that the Pearl Harbor Survivors Association is paying its last visit to the memorial. There are few survivors left, and at the end of the year they will disband. Will history, and our educational systems keep their memories alive? Let's hope so...Never, Never Forget !

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