Tuesday, 27 December 2011

The Crossing~Washington and The Delaware

For any who may not know, General George Washington crossed the Delaware on Christmas Day in the year 1776, and won a victory at the Battle of Trenton

I cannot say if this series is totally "true to fact" as movies generally embellish and omit for the sake of entertainment.  All that aside, this story reminds us of the indomitable spirit that resides in the people who made America the great country it is. A hodge-podge made up primarily of  ordinary, working, men and women who were willing to  stand, and die, for the freedoms they desired and believed in. 

The media and news outlets like to push the view that the "once great country" is on a down hill slide. All I can say to that is, Look back to the past~Remember America is not just a mass of land, it is a "people" with that indefinable inner spark that burns and will not die. I pray, that this never changes.

The Crossing Part 1~Long Retreat From New York

The Crossing Part 2~Colonel Rall and 1200 Hessians

The Crossing Part 3~They Will Follow Me Into Hell

The Crossing Part 4~Crossing The Delaware

The Crossing Part 5~Just a Few More Miles

The Crossing Part 6~Battle of Trenton

The Crossing Part 7~The Beginning of a War

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