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Chanukah~Bring on the Music...

Jerusalemites Usually Place Chanukiot Outdoors...
There are many, many songs being released for Chanukah and everyone has their favorites. 

As in most things of this world, the music of Chanukah is taking on a "modern" twist. The story is the same, but now it is being told in a manner that resonates with the younger generation of today.

I decided to post some of them for your enjoyment.

My first choice is one of the most current.  It is  called All of the Lights and is performed by a young Israeli, Amitzur Nachshoni.
I have never heard of him, but he does have a Website, a YouTube Channel, and of course, he is on Facebook. The information I could find states that he was born in Israel, then spent his early years in the USA. He is now back in Israel,  and is serving (served?) in the IDF. Not yet twenty years old he is already well on his way to being an entertainer~film maker.  I wish him all the best. His song is catchy and the video itself is very good, with some great scenes from Israel. Enjoy!

All of the Lights~Amitzur Nachshoni

My second pick is one I posted last year~Candlelight by The Maccabeats. I still like the tune~which they based on an a-cappella cover of a song (also a-cappella) by Mike Tompkins called Dynamite...which was originally released by Taio Cruz (correct me if I am wrong!) The Maccabeats are a group of Yeshiva students who began singing a-cappella in 2007. They are popular guests for Shabbat and Holidays as they don't need musical instruments or microphones / electronics to entertain!

Candlelight~The Maccabeats

My third clip is third "only" because it is a bit older. The song is called Miracle by Matisyahu. Yes, I am a true fan of Matisyahu and for me, this video is fun (I also love hockey!) Yesterday I saw in the news, a new picture of Matisyahu, cleanly shaven, along with a statement saying:
...all you get is alias (You can read the rest on his site).
Then and Now...

I looked on his site and spotted the following message from his Twitter account:   

For all of those who are being awesome, you are awesome. For all those who are confused: today I went to the Mikva and Shul just like yesterday...

To Matisyahu (PS): 
I don't care what you are wearing. whether or not you have a beard or if you do or don't want to be Chasidic~those who truly like you and/or your music will not feel any different about you either~Just keep on being...

The fourth video is a new one from the Ein Prat Fountainheads. They are from the Israel Academy for Leadership, located fifteen minutes from Jerusalem, in the Judean Desert (on the way to the Dead Sea). For those who may be concerned about such things--there are women in the chorus...

Light Up The Night~Ein Prat Fountainheads

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