Thursday, 17 November 2011

Meet A Man With Integrity

A former Chief Medical Officer in the IDF, Dr. Aryeh Eldad is an MK in the Israeli Knesset for the National Union, Hatikva party. He served his country for twenty-five years and is now a Brigadier-General (reserves) in the Israel Defense Forces.

Dr. Eldad is head of the plastic surgery and burns unit at the Hadassah Medical Center hospital in Jerusalem.

Renowned worldwide for his treatment of burns,  Dr. Eldad won the Evans Award from the American Burns Treatment Association.

There is much to be said about Dr. Eldad, from a medical standpoint, but what resonates with me is his unfailing support for our country. In a time when politicians are corrupt, weak and think only of being re-elected, Dr. Eldad stands out from the crowd.  In this two-part interview, he addresses some very tough questions. The clip is not new, but his words have even more impact today. Yes, it is long clip, but well worth the time. Do listen to the end, and listen carefully...

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