Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Danger~The EU Will Destroy Europe!

For some time I have watched the antics of the EU (European Union). Here is a group of grossly over paid, people--who were Never elected. They meddle in the finances, laws, and now the electoral system of "free democratic countries"

If you watch clips from the EU "assemblies" you will notice several things~apart from the posh (costly) looking premises. Most of the seats are empty~most of the time. Regardless of protests or warnings (even from members) these people seem to do whatever suits their fancy. 

If you want evidence of this just google Nigel Farage, and watch his videos from his seat in the EU. For years Mr. Farage has stood up and tried to call these dictators in waiting to task--nobody is listening! More frightening, this bunch has become a black hole that  is rapidly sucking money, freedom and rights, from the good people across Europe. 

Like the vile UN, that spends all of its time bashing Israel, most of its funding to support PA terrorists and remains silent as people in Darfur starve and women in the middle east are treated like cattle~the EU needs to be stopped, reined in, and either disbanded or be subjected to strict boundaries. In fact, I would say sanity and self-preservation dictates that funding to both of these overblown behemoths be stopped immediately and the high-priced egos within  be set loose to get "real jobs" where they actually have to earn their keep. This would probably be enough to put a huge dent in the world debt crises.

Pat Condell has done a great job of pointing out just how bad things are, and below that is a recent clip from Nigel Farage at the EU~if we don't act now it will be too late...

Pat Condell~The Gathering Storm

Nigel Farage~At the EU Parliament

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Anonymous said...

Greetings from Canada

We will all be affected by what is happening in the EU.
Mr. Condell's message and Mr. Farage needs to be spread far and wide. People need to be informed and made to see the gravity of the situation...our future is at great peril.
Kudos to Mr. Condell, Mr. Farage and others, who show integrity and courage in the wake of this madness. Please dont stop till people wake up and start paying attention.

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