Sunday, 30 October 2011

Slow Posting~No Posting

Since Rosh Hashanah my posts have dropped off. There have been many reasons, working long, long hours, not having internet where I live, looking for a new flat, and a dozen other "facts of life" I've been dealing with. 

For the short term I decided to pull back for a bit to re-group and give my gray cells a break. 

I have loads of pictures, videos and other things on the back burner and I will start putting them out in the next days. Admittedly some may be a little past their "use by date" so bear with me... Meanwhile, do visit some of the links listed, and if you have anything you would like posted, do send it on...

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Miriam Woelke said...


You have so much to offer and plenty of pics. So, just do it.:-)))

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