Sunday, 23 October 2011

More On Canada's Non-Honour Mass Murders

Three girls (the youngest only thirteen) and their step-mother were brutally murdered by their own family~for wanting to integrate and be "Canadian".

The trial is in progress and it brings to the forefront the evil that is allowed to take root in our country by political correctness and pandering politicians. 

To allow men to bring more than one wife into the country is foolishness. To ignore the ongoing violation of Canadian laws and freedoms perpetrated by those who come to Canada as refugees and immigrants is beyond the pale. As Raheel Raza says later in the clip, "Why is this kind of garbage even being allowed in our countries?" Why indeed!

Please listen closely to what is being said. Canada (and all western countries) are in great danger~and if you are a woman you should be afraid. Be very afraid, because in all the growing numbers of violations against women, the "women's movements" and "human rights" groups are strangely silent!

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WomanHonorThyself said...

don't u know we have to be "tolerant" of their sickening is this !!

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